Monday, May 18, 2015

What You Should Know about Offering Sponsorship for your Blog

Hi lovelies. So I know I promised another post about PicMonkey for my series a little while ago and I haven't followed through. I apologize for that! I had a tip that didn't end up panning out and I haven't figured out any new tricks lately. So I thought I could give you some blogging tips while I'm at it!

What You Need to Know About Offering Blog Sponsorships

I just started offering sponsorships at the beginning of April and so far it's going very well. A huge shout out to all my girls who have sponsored me. Seriously, check them out, they are all awesome! Anyways, here are my tips for if you want to start offering sponsorships on your blog.

Start off organized!

First thing I do is add them to a spreadsheet that I developed. Their name, contact email, blog URL, start dates, end dates, and I also include payment so I can track the total income I'm receiving. Since I am google-based, I just use a google spreadsheet so I can access it on any computer or my phone. Looks something like this:

What You Need to Know About Offering Blog Sponsorships

Stay in contact

The blogs I like sponsoring are the ones who reach out to me to let me know what I've signed up for and how to contact them if I have any questions. Again, you're working for your sponsors, you don't want them to feel neglected if they spent their hard-earned money on you. 

Start out small

I would highly suggest only offering 2-4 ad spots to begin with. Trust me, even four sponsors at one time is very hard to keep up with! So start out small and once you feel like you can handle more sponsors then add more spots available for purchase. 

Don't over promise and under deliver

Remember, your sponsors are paying for exactly what you advertised. If you offer that you will tweet about each and every new post they have, you need to follow through, Make a calendar reminder every day to check their sites and re-post their updates. If you don't think you can do this, then don't offer it. Simple, right?

Having a bad month/week?

Let's say you have a busy week and you're not able to follow through with what you promised, extend their ad a week. Easy enough for you. For example, I had a week where I was going on vacation and had a sponsor buy an ad spot right before I went on vacation. I added an extra week to her sponsorship to make sure that she got the coverage that she deserved.

Hope these tips help! Do you offer sponsorship options on your blog? Any tips you've picked up along the way?

Lastly, just to brag, I made this rocking media kit the other day and I'm super proud. Like it?!?!

Say hello to this month's sponsor:

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