Friday, May 22, 2015

Stitchfix #2 Review

So I finally got my second fix and it seemed like I was waiting for it forever. Have you tried Stitchfix yet? For this fix I requested day to night blouses, skirts, or dresses. My stylist did a great job!

Here's what I got this month:

Isabelle Crochet Tank Top - Kept.
What a cute top and very easy to dress up or dress down. It flowed really well and fit my style perfectly.

Brixon Ivy Crochet Skirt - Sent Back
 I really loved the idea of the skirt, but the lace didn't lay flat on my stomach and ended up making me look a lot wider than I am. It was also my priciest item and since I wasn't so sure about the dress, I didn't feel like it was 100% worth it.

Pixley Hanneli Polka Dot Swing Skirt - Sent Back
Again, cute skirt, but it was a bit tight around my waist. I also don't have that many blouses that could work with the skirt so this was sent back too. 

McQue Solid Lace Sleeve Blouse - Kept
Loved the top. Easy to wear with jeans but also great to dress up with a nice black business skirt. Also blue is my favorite color for clothes.

 Harriet Chevron Print Detail Dress - Kept
Adorable! It is a V-shaped cut in the back of the dress and an exposed zipper. I wore this dress the first day I got my box and dressed it up with a petite belt. Nice and light for the summer.

Have you tried out Stitchfix yet? What do you think about what I kept and sent back?

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