Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Most #EpicFail Weekend of My Life

Let me start off by saying that Richmond, VA is a really beautiful and eclectic city. However, I was totally traumatized there one weekend a few years ago.

It all started when me and my two best friends decided to go to and help one of our friends move down to Virginia Commonwealth University. So we packed ourselves up in a mini-van and piles of clothes, furniture, and knick-knacks and took the two hour trip down to Richmond.

After we unpacked the van and hung out for a little bit we decided to venture down the James River a beautiful, rocky river, where ton's of people hang out. Like the classy college students that we were at the time, we brought some wine and cheese with us (boxed wine and cheeze-its).

At this point our friend who was moving down there, Anna, told us "Yes, everyone just swims in this river! Even dogs swim in it!" so what do we do, jump right in to the river, of course.

Here's photo evidence of me (don't mind the fact that my eyes are closed in 75% of all of my photos) about to make a terrible decision in my life. Did I even notice those rapids behind me?!

So I go into the calm part of the river and Marian and Jason follow behind me. Soon after, I could feel my legs being swept out from under me and I was quickly taken down the rapids. Panic ensues. I heart Jason and Marian shrieking behind me and all I could think of was, "SWIM!" Well Jason and Marian were the lucky ones, probably because Jason used to be a lifeguard, and they swam back over to a rock on the shore side. I, on the other hand, swam to the closest rock to me which just happened to be in the middle of the river

At this point, I climbed up onto a rock, and decided I am just going to cry until the helicopter comes to pick me up. 

Anyways, Jason, ends up being my knight in shining armor and plotting his way along the rocks about a mile up and then holding my hand the entire way back to safety.

I obviously needed to celebrate my near-death encounter, so what better to do than go to a hipster house party? Of course, as most recently 21 year old girls do, I proceed to get really really drunk. We ended up getting at least 10 random people to use a Ouija board with us. #SuperFreaky. As I'm walking downstairs to find the bathroom, the owners of the house have two huge pieces of sheet metal propped up against the wall. #TotallySafe. As I'm walking past it, and being a wobbly drunk girl, I accidentally kick the sheet metal as I'm walking. Everyone blamed Jason who was walking behind me for knocking them down. Whoops. 

About two minutes later, someone points out to me that I'm bleeding all over the house and that I should probably go check it out. My toe was completely sliced open and bleeding everywhere. So I run outside and freak out a little bit and end up just sitting down in the back yard to assess the situation. Little did I know that I sat right down in Poison Oak and got it all up my ankles and legs. 

Needless to say, this weekend was easily the most #EpicFail of my lifetime. The following week, I my nursed wounds silently in shame but on the bright side, it's now a hilarious story to tell. 

Have you ever had an #EpicFail day or weekend? Tell me your stories!!

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