Friday, January 30, 2015

Why I Switched From to Blogger

So viola! I just made the switch from to the blogger platform! I'm really loving it a lot more and I'll highlight some of the main reasons for switching and my frustrations with the free version of Wordpress. I know the self-hosted wordpress could probably solve most of my issues with free wordpress, but I didn't think I was ready to pull the trigger on that at this moment.
  1. Customization of design. Oh my god, designing the blog was tedious. First of all the customizer is GOD AWFUL SLOW. You don't have a way to preview your changes, they take effect immediately. If you want to change the template, it will change and mess up all your sidebar content. And guess what, you don't have the option of backing-up your old template! So extremely frustrating. I've heard many people say that the wordpress themes are a lot better, but frankly I like blogger. I'm able to change the width of my main posts and sidebar, I'm able to add on a blog signature without manually posting it everytime myself, I'm able to change and add my own CSS (big one right there). I think for someone who has absolutely no knowledge of CSS or HTML, wordpress may be easier, but since I do, I would like to have access to that! In conclusion, while they do allow a few minor modifications to their themes such as changing the background color, the header or the navigation menu, that’s about it. So your blog will end up looking like a lot of other blogs out there. It made my soul cry when I saw three other blogs on the same link-up with the exact same theme as me.
    $99 dollars?! I think not.
  2. Extras are expensive! Again, see above, to change my CSS, my fonts or colors, I need to pay $99 dollars!? Nope. Custom domain names, removing their third-party ads, more space, are all extra and EXPENSIVE. Much better option to self-host, which again, wasn't really my cup of tea. 
  3. No Javascript or embedding. So does not allow any javascript. (No Rafflecopter! No SnapWidget!) In addition, they have funky limits on how you post certain things. For example, you can embed youtube or instagram, but you cannot use their embed codes. developed a special code to insert these into your pages. Half the time when you tried to insert it using the "Add Media" button, the options wouldn't show up. 
  4. Posting was weird. If you're using do you notice that you can make posts in their new or old WP admin? I wish they had just decided on which to use and made that final because sometimes it would open in their old post editor and sometimes in the new post editor. 
  5. No advertising. All the details are here and yes, this is frustrating. I get that I don't really participate in this much now, but I would like the option to be available to me if and when I want to.

Yes, there are some shortcomings of blogger like 
  • No set-plugins. All though this avoidable because you can use third-party plugins! and simple gadgets.
  • I will not own the content any more.
  • Mobile layout sucks.
  • Apparently inaccurate stats? The day I started the blog without even linking it to blogloving or my social media accounts and I think I had 78 views or something insane. 
Anyways, so far I am loving it. I'm sure there will be things I get frustrated with about blogger but for now I am content! Please let me know if my content is linking incorrectly or photos are showing up funky. 

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wine Tricks That Make You Seem Like an Expert

In celebration of Wine'd Down (Up?) Wednesday, I will share with you my favorite wines and wine tricks that make me seem like I know what the hell I'm doing, even though sometimes I don't! If I had the time and the money, trust me, I would definitely become a sommelier, but that's just not happening right now. So here are some wine ninja tricks I've picked up along the way.

If you have a red wine, let it breathe after opening! 

When you let the red wine breathe, it helps get oxygen into the bottle for flavor and taste. Or if you really want to feel fancy buy a decanter to help with aerating your wine! And please do not refrigerate or chill. The temperature that you serve your wine at affects it's taste and makes the sediment settle. 

Figure out your favorite type of wine. 

You can get wine at Trader Joes for $3, so go buy a bunch, find out your favorite and then at restaurants you can have a go-to wine. There are hundreds of brands, so it'll make it easier for you to decide between brands, vintage, locale after you already know what your favorite type of wine is!

If you're out at a restaurant, don't be afraid to ask your server!

If you don't know the difference between fruity and sweet, ask your server for a suggestion. They will usually helpfully describe a wine so once you are able to taste it, viola! Know you know what a buttery-wine tastes like. Or you can read this helpful post here.

If you order wine at a restaurant...

The server will show you the bottle and let you take a sip. What you are looking for is: the vintage and the producer. So confirm that it's the wine that you ordered then take a sniff, make sure it doesn't smell vinegary, that's a sign that the wine is corked, and sip away!

If you're at home...

Have a wine glass that will suit all types of wine. That is unless you want to have 20 different pairs of wine glasses like me. I just bought a set of "cabernet sauvignon" looking glasses and they work pretty well in most occasions. You can also use this handy infographic! You don't want to be drinking your merlot out of champagne flutes!

Lastly, there are no rules! Feel free to look like a fool and drink boxed wine straight from the bag for all anyone cares! Ahem, I may or may not have done that the other night. 

What are your favorite wine tricks or your favorite type of wines?

Monday, January 26, 2015

San Francisco Photo Recap

Hi all! Back from a quick work trip/mini-vacation to San Francisco and Santa Cruz. I hate being back at work. Anyways, to follow-up with my last post before leaving for San Francisco the packing lists went very well! I had extra space in my suitcase to pack goodies that I picked up (two books and a scarf) and was still able to take it as a carry-on! PLUS I was able to lift it into the overhead compartment myself! I guess all those overhead presses at Body Pump do work after all!

After some quick exhibiting at a meeting in downtown SF, I was able to explore the city with my boyfriend and go to some cool restaurants. We met up with some of his friends and partied down at the Mission which can get a little crazy!

The next morning, we went down to Buena Vista brunch which apparently has to-die-for Irish Coffee that I missed out on. We sprinted over to Alcatraz to make our 12:00 p.m. tour and ventured around there for a few hours! Alcatraz is huge!

After that we walked down to Pier 39 to see the Sea Lions, get an amazing chowder in San Francisco sourdough bread bowl and I couldn't resist an ice cream.

Tomato-base Clam Chowder
Pier 39

After that we went to visit my cousin in Santa Cruz which is about an hour or so south of SF. The drive down the coast was spectacular and I'm glad we drove it right before dusk because we got to see some amazing vistas! Santa Cruz was a serious juxtaposition to SF, so much nature, such a relaxed lifestyle, and everything closes at 10 p.m.! We were able to see some of the beaches, get some great seafood, go to a grove where Monarchs migrate to every year, and then wake up at 5:00 a.m. in the morning to drive back to SFO. I definitely wasn't ready to leave.

Well, time to get back to reality but this by far has been the best California trip so far! By the way: Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Friday, January 23, 2015

Currently Listening To - January

This is in no specific order, I typically listen on shuffle anyways!

    1. I Don't Mind by Usher and Juicy J. Has anyone else listened to the lyrics of this song?! What man would be okay with dating a stripper? Also, if I was a stripped dating Usher, I would tell him, "No, I don't want to make my money, you pay for me now." Still love the beat and you can catch me singing every lyric in my drive-in to work though.
    2. Burnin' Up by Jessie J featuring 2 Chainz.
    3. You Know You Like It by DJ Snake and AlunaGeorge. I just love that hip hop snare drum thing. You know what I'm talking about.
    4. She Came To Give It To You by Usher.
    5. She Knows by Usher and Ne-Yo. Umm...holy hell Usher and Ne-yo, taking over the scene here...
    6. Time of Our Lives by Pitbull and Ne-Yo.
    7. #ICantEven by The Neighborhood and French Montana. The most surprising combination ever, right? Well it works perfectly. This was on my December playlist but I like it so much it's staying on January's playlist. Give it a listen.
    8. Prayer in C (Robin Schultz Remix) by Lilly Wood and the Prick
    9. Heroes (we could be) by Alesso featuring Tove Lo.

What songs are you jamming out to right now? Do you have any good suggestions that you're currently listening to?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Work Attire and a Case of Missing Time

Ugh being back from San Francisco sucks! It was a crazy trip and I had a ton of fun. I promise I'll give an overview of my packing and what activities I did shortly! But for now!

Making Melissa

I confess that..
I am starting to try and make an editorial calendar. Something basic like on Monday we wear pink! Just kidding, I couldn't resist. More like, on Mondays I will post something that is pinnable!

I haven't seen one episode of the Bachelor yet! I'm slacking majorly. It's all on my DVR though, so when my boyfriend is out for a doctor's appointment tonight I promise to catch up!

I hate wearing slacks to work. I will happily wear dresses and skirts all winter into work.

I have also torn through at least five pairs of tights this winter :'(

I'm totally scared that February is going to fly by! There are tons of things that I'm doing in February and March that I am just not prepared for!

Bye lovelies!

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Five Favorite TV Shows

Oh, hey Friday! I'm joining the Friday Fives linkup hosted by The Farmer's Wife and September Farm! Here's a quick list of my five favorite TV shows that I am super addicted to!

  1. Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I'm pretty sure everyone has seen this, and if you haven't, get into it right now! The best thing about Netflix shows is that as soon as a new season comes out they release every episode. Perfect Binge watching.

  2. Girls on HBO. Ahh, I am so excited it just started up this past week! I have to admit I find Lena Dunham's character Hannah so so so annoying and dumb. She brings up some great situations that twenty-somethings get into, and some that any twenty-something would never get into. I also think it is pretty much a more modern day, younger version of Sex and the City, albeit a lot less classy. See below.

  3. Game of Thrones on HBO. I've always been kind of into the fantasy and medieval times thing, so I'm glad others are finally catching up with me. I definitely could not get into the books which are in super tiny print and about 1000 pages. Nope. I also started watching the show which is expertly directly, has great visual FX, and amazing acting, so can anyone tell me why it would be worth it for me to read the books? There's also tons of female empowerment in the show which I love.

  4. The Americans on FX. This is one of the few shows my boyfriend and I can actually get together and watch. It has great character building, there's always something surprising around the corner and the new season starts super soon!

  5. You're the Worst on FXX. Haha, so I swear I do watch more than just FX and HBO. But these really are my top five that I have already pre-programmed into my DVR to automatically record! This is a pretty funny and short tv show that comes on in the evenings. Basically primarily about relationships, the dating scene, and partying. This one I would say is like a mix of twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings. Pretty funny and I have a small crush on Chris Greer.

Do you share any of my favorite shows? What is pre-programmed into your DVR?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

San Francisco Bound

As I said in previous posts, I'm super lucky that my job is able to send me all around the States to travel. So yesterday I jetted out to San Francisco. I don't think I've explained this before but I am somewhat of a meeting planner. I always struggle with the best way to describe what I do. I work for a medical non-profit on the education side, which means develop educational programs (aka medical conferences) that provide CME (continuing medical education) to doctors so they can continue to be certified! Yay, all good things! Anyways, if you ask me anything about room blocks, BEOs, or anything of the sort, I will point you in a different direction. I love my job and it's perfect for me since I love planning, organizing months (if not years) ahead of time, and coordinating all the small things into one big perfect finalized meeting. Also a plus side is that I get to go to amazing hotels and cities fo' free!

 The top level of my two story suite at the JW Marriott in Scottsdale.

This will be the third year in a row that I've gone to San Francisco (twice for work, once for pleasure). If you have never been to San Francisco, do not be fooled by the weather. Many think that since it's part of California, it will be nice, mild, warm, and sunny all the time. Think again! San Fran has wild winds from the bay that chill the temperature down about 10 degrees on any given day. Fortunately, this trip is work trip that will turn into a pleasure trip for the last three days. Unfortunately, when it's a weird mix of different activities such as work, exploring the city, and doing touristy things I always struggle with planning on what to pack, without overpacking! I just found this amazing outfit planner on Team Wiking! Thank god for her printables. But I'll type out my finalized my packing list:

  • 1 pair of jeans (that can be dressed up to go out on the town.)
  • 2 work dresses.
  • Black tights.
  • Two short sleeve blouses and one long sleeve blouse (can be worn to dinners and work receptions.)
  • T-Shirt
  • Grey Cardigan.
  • Long Sweater.
  • Leggings.
  • Scarf.
  • Wind-breaker.
  • Yoga Pants and workout top.
  • Belt.

  • Black Pumps.
  • Brown Boots.
  • Nude Flats.
  • Running Shoes.

  • Portable speaker because I can't go anywhere without it.
  • Kindle.
  • Work Laptop.

And finished product (without my toiletry bag) actually looks pretty empty! Yay for not overpacking! I'll let you know how it goes once I get back home. Lastly, don't forget how to pack without wrinkles (tips from a Cup of Jo)! Anyways, please let me know if you have any suggestions for things to do or great restaurants that I could go to! I'll talk to you on the flip side.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Oh, How I Love Group Fitness Classes

In contrast to the photo above, I actually hate running. My boyfriend dragged me to a handful of 5k's this summer and I ended up feeling dead after the summer with a serious shin splint in my left leg.

I'm also terrible at motivating myself. I listen to that devil on my shoulder that says, "You're ten minutes away from a full half-hour, let's just leave now." or "I'm cramping and there's absolutely no way to push through this." or "I want pizza right now." However, I love when people motivate me. One of my favorite things, and the only reason I pay for a gym membership, are the group fitness classes. In addition, getting fit and going to the gym at least three times a week is one of my resolutions. I successfully completed the resolution last week but definitely won't complete this week due to a work trip :(

Like I said previously, the main reason I go to a gym are the group fitness classes. I absolutely love them. I typically go to a range of a few different classes like Zumba, Body Pump, Cycle (aka Spinning, click the link to get to Sarah, my instructor's, blog!), Boot Camp, Body Jam (recently has been replaced by Zumba), Insanity, and sometimes Pilates. Overall Zumba, Cycle, and Body Pump are my three favorites. Zumba gets your cardio really going! For a sixty-minute class I typically burn around 600-700 calories depending on the dance routine that my instructor takes us through. I also am learning how to have better rhythm which is always a plus. Body Pump by Les Mills looks extremely intimidating. It took me forever to go to the class because everyone rushes to pick up at least 10 items to workout with, but almost every instructor I've had has been super helpful and will help you set up and tell you which weights you should use. It's addicting once you start. See below for a sneak peek.

I know there are a lot of people who get self-conscious at group classes or would prefer to work at their own pace, but for me they are perfect. I like group fitness classes for a number of reasons:

  1. Group motivation and camaraderie.
  2. The instructor pushes you.
  3. They keep you on a regular schedule.
  4. You learn new exercise routines.
  5. The instructor teaches you proper posture and technique.
  6. Give you ample time to warm-up and stretch (a downfall in my individual workout routine.)
  7. You can be social and make friends!

Sorry for such a wordy post!

Do you prefer to workout in group classes, with a partner, or by yourself? What motivates you?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Winter Essentials

A video posted by Alanna (@alannaandco) on

Winter is officially upon us. I got an email today saying that the wind chills tonight are going to feel like 0 degrees or negative 10 degrees! Yikes. For Northern Virginia, that is absolutely freezing!

Winter Essentials

  1. Blankets, blankets, and snuggies! I love blankets at any time of the year, but now it's perfect because it's extra cold. As dorky as snuggies are, they're actually extremely convenient, especially when you're blogging on your couch!
  2. Aveeno hand lotion. They're not joking when they say it lasts through hand washing and for 24 hours. This is the only lotion that keeps my hands moisturized and prevents cracking during the winter. It's also good for the workplace because it's fragrance free.
  3. Anne Klein boots! I actually just got those for Christmas this year and they are perfect! They're lightweight, waterproof, fur-lined, and have a great grip for ice and snow.
  4. Eos Lip Balm. They have tons of different flavors and they give you great coverage without feeling sticky or oily. My favorite is the mint flavor because it tingles!

  5. Starbucks Chai Tea Lattes. This is life.

    A photo posted by Alanna (@alannaandco) on

What are your essentials for surviving the winter?

Friday, January 9, 2015

My Favorite Baking Recipe

This is one of the easiest and my favorite baking recipe. Banana Bread! I feel like I almost always have the ingredients for it, especially since I have a terrible knack of letting my bananas get over ripe. Typically, I freeze my bananas as soon as they get too ripe. That way I never waste bananas! This is also a super easy recipe, no mixer necessary, and super easy to clean up. You will only need a mixing bowl and a fork!

You'll need:
  • 3 very ripe bananas.
  • 1/3 melted butter.
  • 1 cup of sugar.
  • 1 beaten egg.
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda.
  • 1 1/4 cups of flour.
  • A pinch of salt
  • Optional: 1 teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Optional: Walnuts (I hate having crunchy things in my bread so I usually don't do this, sorry for no measurement).

  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. If you plan on removing the bread from the pan to serve, I would suggest putting Pam on it. I usually end up keeping my bread in the pan and just cutting slices out of it.
  2. In a mixing bowl, mash the ripe bananas with a fork until smooth. Stir the melted butter into the mashed bananas.
  3. Mix in the baking soda and salt. Stir in the sugar and beaten egg. Optionally, you can add in some vanilla extract here. I like it since it makes the banana bread a bit sweeter.
  4. Mix in the flour. Option: If you want to add the walnuts, add them here and fold them into the batter.
  5. Pour the batter into your prepared loaf pan. Bake for 1 hour 350°F or until a tester inserted into the center comes out clean.
  6. Remove and let cool.
  7. Eat!

Thanks to my mom for first teaching me how to make Banana Bread!

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Slightly Late Hump Day Blog Confessions

Making Melissa

I've been all messed-up this week since I usually only work from home on Thursdays, but I had a snow day and worked from home on Tuesday. So I'm using that as an excuse to post my hump day confessions one day late!

I confess that:

  • I just spent a day and a half redesigning the blog. The way the posts showed up as articles was really getting on my nerves. I also changed a plain white background as suggested by Venus Trapped in Mars. I love her website and her tutorials so I decided she probably knows what she's talking about with the white background deal.
  • I am obsessed with the new look of the blog, the new social media buttons, my about me widget, and MY own button that you can grab at the bottom!
  • I just sponsored my first blog for April. It'll be a surprise who it is!
  • I'm having another giveaway tomorrow! Check back for the details tomorrow.
  • I'm obsessed with blog link ups.
  • This will be the first week I've completed my resolution of "workout three times a week". I'm going to Body Pump tonight. Les Mills for the win!
  • I watch MTV music videos every morning when I eat my breakfast!
  • I've danced with my dog every night this week. She loves it.
    A photo posted by Alanna (@alannaandco) on
  • I've been playing Dragon Age Origins at every change I can steal my boyfriend away from the tv! #nerdalert. Notice the Xbox controller in the Instagram?
  • I haven't worn make-up since Monday...whoops
Thanks for checking out the new blog design! I hope you like it and please let me know if you notice anything wonky in the comments. Happy late hump day!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Review of 2014 Reading Challenge and 2015 Reading Challenge

For 2014, I challenged myself to read all the books of movies that were coming out in 2014. It was pretty entertaining, and then it was fun to compare the movies to the books when I saw them!

  1. The Monuments Men by Robert M. Edsel. I did like the book, however it was hard for me to really get into just because of how it was written. I actually preferred the movie over the book.
  2. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I haven't actually seen the movie yet. I am such a cry baby that I refused to go to the theaters to see it. The book was good, but a quick YA read.
  3. The Giver by Lois Lowry. For some reason I never had to read this in middle or high school! I actually really liked it and was surprised by how similar it was to the City of Ember. The movie was really good!
  4. If I Stay by Gayle Forman. It was okay...pretty sad. Quick read, I feel like I might like the movie better but haven't had a chance to see it yet.
  5. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. One of my favorite books this year. I couldn't put it down. The movie almost as good, but not quite. I'm pretty sure my boyfriend doesn't want to marry me because of this movie now. Whoops!


  6. This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper. For what the book is about it is hilariously written. I couldn't stop laughing at parts. Also haven't seen this movie either. I really need to get on watching these movies!
  7. Wild by Cheryl Strayed. This just came out in theaters so I have an excuse for why I haven't seen it yet. Very well written non-fiction and I'm not a big non-fiction person. A completely honest memoir that is humorous and suspenseful. Can't wait to see Reese Witherspoon in this role.

  8. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. Wow, just wow. A must-read. Again, a true story that is heart-breaking and heart warming all at the same time. The movie was really good too.
  9. Serena by Ron Rash. Intriguing book, there were parts that I had to go back and re-read. Movie is coming out in 2015 with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, so I'm sure they're going to do a great job illustrating the book.
  10. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. This was an amazing book too. This movie is actually going to come out in 2015. Flynn is a really dark writer, but just the way she write drags you deep into the character and the story. I highly suggest her books!
  11. Honorable Mention: The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro. This actually came out in a series on Fx that my boyfriend and I watch. They did great, but I actually think season one covered the first and second book so there were things in the tv series I hadn't read yet!

Lastly, I am joining the Modern Mrs Darcy 2015 Reading Challenge. The challenge is to read 12 different books in 12 months from 12 different genres. Considering that my reading goal for this year is 100 books, I think I can accomplish this pretty easily and it should be fun!

Modern Mrs Darcy Book Challenge

Currently Reading: The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan. #1 book for 2015.

What did you think about the books that were made into movies this year? Were you able to read them before the movie came out?

Tuesday Talk Link-Up!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Rememberlutions Jar

Okay, so I said my last post was going to be the last New Year's post....but I lied. I had to post this because I'm proud of the fact I actually crafted something since being in a sorority and it's really cute!

This is my one of New Years resolutions. I made this "Remember-lutions" jar. Decorate a mason jar to represent yourself & your life. But instead of saying I'm going to be healthier, diet more, workout more, etc...make it your goal this year to fill the jar with things you want to remember. Do thing that excite you, thrill you & make you happy. Then write it down & put it in the jar. At the end of your year you'll have an entire jar filled with wonderful memories that you can open up on next New Years day.

I also ended up getting a couple extra mason jars because apparently you can make tons and tons of crafts with them. I ended up making a cute candle jar with one of the other ones and I think I'll try and craft the last one into a vase!

H/T to Buzzfeed for the great idea!

Friday, January 2, 2015

My Word for 2015!

Now, I promise this is the last New Year's post I will have. I've put up my resolutions, and I've made my 101 in 1001 list, so I'll make this short.

After taking a look back on this past year and thinking about what I want to do for the future. I've decided to focus on a word for 2015. And my word is Yes! I want to do more and grow more and I want to be able to say "Yes, I've done that," much more.

I'm also doing this cute thing called a "Rememberlutions Jar." I'm decorating a mason jar and after something big happens, I'll write it up on a little note, stick it in, and at the end of 2015 I can look back in and see all the great things I've accomplished. I actually got the idea from buzzfeed! I'll post a photo of it once I find my glue gun.

Do you have a word for 2015?

Lastly, Happy New Year from us to you!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Why Chick Flicks are the Best

Recently I realized that I rarely ever watch chick flicks. Maybe it's because I'm not a super girly girl or that I've had a boyfriend for a pretty long time and we tend to watch most movies together. And no, I'm not saying that boyfriends can't watch chick flicks, it's just that mine doesn't. See below commercial. This is my boyfriend, except instead of accidentally showering with Summer's Eve, it would be him walking in to see me watching a chick flick.

So I decided, screw this I need some goddamn chick flicks in my life. And I've cried in all of them.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. God the scene where Bailey....Don't make me relive that moment again.

Bridget Jones' Diary. Never. Gets. Old.

A Walk to Remember. Literally watched this on #NickMom late Tuesday night. I should probably be more embarrassed that I'm actually watching programming for mothers, but I'm not.

Love Actually. I felt that I needed to watch this due to the holiday season and the fact that pretty much every girl I work with is obsessed with this movie. I still don't like it. Sorry not sorry.

The Sweetest Thing. I guess this is a bit more of a comedy than a true chick flick, but still!

I also added in a few girly TV shows. I caught up with Kourtney and Khloe's lives. Had a sick day and watched a Sex and the City marathon.

So there you go, here's my complete estrogen-filled post. Now, back to NickMom and ice cream (just kidding...only about the ice cream part)!

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