Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Travel Size Essentials

Good Morning everyone! Please welcome Tif from Bright on a Budget! Today she's sharing her travel essentials. So glad I got this post HTML before I left for my trip! I definitely grabbed some of her suggestions before I left.

 When I travel, I liked to be prepared for everything but pack as light as possible.  While I usually fail at packing lightly (evidently carrying multiple pairs of shoes weighs a lot), I have found 6 travel-sized essentials that I can slip into my bag without taking up much space.  I'm flying out to Vegas later this month, and you can bet that each and every one of these items will be packed!

1.  Nail Polish Remover Pads There's not much worse than having to pack a big bottle of nail polish remover, unless you spill said bottle of nail polish remover all over your stuff.  I've had it happen to me one too many times, so I was thrilled to find these individually-wrapped nail polish remover pads/wipes at Target.  These are super thin and you easily slip several into a makeup bag or quart-sized baggie. 

2. Venus Snap Razor Not only is this little razor cute, but it's also convenient too!  What sold me on it is the travel case.  I like knowing that I'm not going to accidentally cut myself on my razor when rummaging for something down in my travel bag. 

3.  Disinfecting Spray Flat out, I don't leave on a trip without my disinfecting spray.  I couldn't find this one online, but it is available in the travel toiletries aisle at Target.  I'm a germaphobe, and I like to spray down the shower, sink, and remote control (at the very least) as soon as I hit a hotel room.  These little mini spray bottles are perfect for those airport baggies!  And while we're being honest, I usually carry 2, because 1 just isn't enough. 

4.  Small/rollerball perfume Once again, the smaller the item, the less that's going to douse your clothes when it dumps out!haha Also, perfume bottles can just be heavy.  I like this to grab a small perfume, such as a roller ball, sample size, or just a small bottle to toss in my bag for trips. 

5. Makeup Remover Wipes When I travel, I usually am exhausted by the time I make it back to my room.  I like to plop my little travel-size package of makeup remover wipes by my bed to make it easy to take off my makeup. Otherwise, I'd probably not take it off most nights I'm traveling, and that just makes my face a hot mess.  This little travel pack from Neutrogena is perfectly sized, and they don't irritate my skin.  Win-win in my book! 

6. Z Palette The personal-care items that take up the most room when I travel are my cosmetics.  A lot of makeup containers take up a lot of space. To cut back on that, I like to depot some my makeup and keep it in a Z Palette.  I have the small Z Pallette from Sephora, and you can fit several eyeshadows and blush in it!  It's ultra compact and slips right into your bag.

I hope these travel-sized essentials help you to make more room for other things on your next trip! What are your must-haves for travel-sized essentials???

  Tif is a twenty-something attorney, mom, and dedicated bargain hunter who blogs about beauty, life, and style.  You can visit her over at Bright on a Budget.

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