Friday, May 8, 2015

DIY Tissue Paper Garland

Hello all the beautiful Alanna & Company readers. My name is Ashley and I blog over at Girl Talk about anything and everything. Today I am taking over Alanna's blog while she is relaxing on vacation! I am so excited to share with you my Tissue Paper Garland I made for one of our Engagement parties!

In March, Timothy and I had our 2nd Engagement party. It was a couple's shower. A Stock the Bar Party and it was amazing! I had made the above Tissue Paper Garland in those colors thinking I was going to use it for the party, but I loved it too much I hung that one up in our living room and made another one for the party.

You will need...
Tissue Paper
Hot Glue Gun

1. To begin, fold your tissue paper in half and cut down the middle. This will make it so you have more "tassels" to work with - 1 piece of tissue paper, makes 1 tassel

2. Then fold the tissue paper in half and begin cutting strips towards the fold leaving about 1 inch from where you cut to the fold.

3.After all the strips have been cut, unfold your tissue paper - but be careful not to tear it!

4. Begin rolling your tissue paper, tightly, down the middle - the fringe may get tangled at times just run your fingers through it to make it not tangled.

5. Fold in half to make loop to hang on string.

6. Hot glue the loop together to make the tassel stay together. Then put on rope. Repeat steps until you have the amount of tassels on rope you desire. 

And there you have your DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland. It does take a little time but the end product is totally worth it!

Thank you Alanna for letting me in on your little space of the web today! Hope everyone has a spectacular Friday and an even more wonderful weekend!

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