Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Taste of Nashville: Golden Sound Barista Parlor

So I said this more than a few times, but no wonder why there are so many bloggers in Nashville! Everything is perfectly instagrammable and adorable. I didn't step into one chain store even once when I was visiting.

On my third day in Nashville, Marian took Jason and I to Golden Sound. Needless to say, this is literally the cutest spot I've seen. Golden Sound, if you're reading this, I will start another store in DC! Their coffee selection is out of this world and they had a cute little menu.


Now this is what I mean when I say open concept. All the sliding doors were up and a beautiful breeze was drifting through the cafe when we ate. I could literally have sat there all day.

They had Adele playing on vinyl. Add ten points for Golden Sound. 

They had small pastries that they made. I was highly tempted to try the homemade pop tart but wanted to save room for the real deal. 

Marian ordered an espresso that was absolutely delicious and I don't even drink espresso. She made sure I added in her sunglasses for Instagram cool points. 

I ordered the Speedy biscuit that had country-smoked ham and chili infused maple syrup and added an egg onto it. The biscuit was perfectly fluffy and seriously did not stand a chance against me. It was gone in less than a minute. 

In addition, I ordered a bourbon vanilla latte. I'm typically a chai tea type of girl, but the light bourbon taste really hit the spot. The girl next to us ordered the stuffed french toast and I definitely was getting a bit envious but we were heading to Two Ten Jack (go check that out too!) later that day, so I had to save space and couldn't over-indulge. 

Next time you're in Nashville, check it out! Or whenever they offer me franchise rights, I'll open up my own in DC.

What coffee shop could you easily spend your whole day at? Any cute shops near you that I need to put on my list?

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