Monday, May 25, 2015

My Summertime Health Goals

So the last week I went to the doctor. Had the typical blood pressure taken, got weighted, temperature taken, the usual. Anyways, once I look at all my results it says I'm pre-hypertensive! I was shocked. I'm in my twenties, eat fairly healthy, I exercise, and I'm close to having high blood pressure?!

This revelation has kicked my butt into gear and I've decided that I need to make some goals to keep me on track this summer.

Get 10,000 steps every day. 

I typically get like 8,000 a day or 9,000. So I need to make sure that I look at the end of the day and go for an evening walk with Starla to get my few thousand steps to make it. Also, be my friend on Fitbit!

Drink three bottles (~60 oz) of water a day.

I'm pretty good with this when I'm sitting at my desk all day at work but I am awful at it on my telework days or weekends. 


I apologize for the all caps, but I really need to yell at myself for this one. I say every week that I go to the gym three days a week and I'm lucky if I make it twice. I will however count outside runs with Starla as one gym trip, but I really need to start lifting. I can barely lift my carry-on into the overhead storage. That's a problem for someone who travels as much as I do. 

Snack healthy.

Stop eating potato chips and pistachios for snacks and grab a mango or an apple instead. Pretty straight forward. 

Limit my wine habits.

So I may or may not enjoy about two glasses a wine every other evening. Or every evening, I don't know, who's counting anyways? So I should really limit it to only one glass of wine a night and probably not every night either. I'm also going to tell myself no wine on nights that I've worked out. A work out does not equate to an allowance of one extra glass. I'll just cry silently and pout in the corner about this one. 

These sound like enough for now. I promise I will check in with you next week about how this went. Can someone please yell at me if I don't check-in? 

Do you have any health goals for this summer (or forever, I guess...)?


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