Monday, May 11, 2015

I'm Back! Nashville was amazing!

I'm back! Nashville was amazing! Seriously, amazing. You lucky folks who live there have it made! Here's what we were up to.

- Met up with Marian in her hot red new coupe named Young Zip. 
- Stayed at her adorable little house that is owned by one of the Dukes of Hazzard dudes. His car is in their garage. 
- Went to Tap Room and ordered IPAs on the patio. The weather was perfect. 
- Attended a concert at Sevier Park and saw Penny & Sparrow and then Johnnyswim perform. Have you heard of either of them?

- Went to Marche for brunch. They had every damn flavor of mimosa possible, I got blood orange. They also gave us a bread plate and have five different spreads for the bread. Had small freak out. 

- Walked around Centennial park and the arts & crafts fair.
- Started and finished One by One by Jojo Moyes. Started (and didn't finish) Yes, Please. I think I have to buy that $30 book now...

- Tanned on the patio and got an awkward tan line because I didn't bring my bikini.
- Went to Fido's. Ordered Chai lattes everywhere. 
- Drove around downtown.
- Went to Burger Up and filled up with Truffle fries and not my burger. Took the burger home.

- Went to Broadway St and drank at Roberts. Observed terrible decisions being made, one guy get kicked out, and one couple who were perfect dancers. 
- Went to Golden Sound Barista Parlor and ordered a biscuit that was to die for (check back on Wednesday for that full recap!)

- Decided everything was perfectly instagrammable. #20HappyDaysinMay.
- Went to a science center and relived my childhood days.
- Had a bonfire. Roasted Had a marshmallow fight. 
- Had tacos & elote on Tuesday which happened to be Cinco De Mayo!

It was so refreshing to hang with my two besties from middle school! Jason is leaving me and moving down to Nashville soon too. Am I next?

How was your week? Have you ever been to Nashville?

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