Monday, November 16, 2015

The Best Places to Shop for Petite

Short girls rejoice! I am so glad that there are now so many more options for petite clothing. Not only am I short-waisted but I also have pretty short legs, and that makes shopping a bit more tricky for me. Before I ran across these amazing brands, my poor mom and her sewing machine were working overtime trying to hem everything for me. Yes, I know, I should probably know how to hem myself at this point, but sometimes your mom likes to do things for you, so take advantage!

Here are my favorite places to shop for clothing that doesn't need to have an extra hem work done.


Loft is amazing because almost all of their styles come in petite size including shirts, dresses, and pants! A lot of places only carry petite size pants! This way, you can find a nice "over-the-knee" dress that doesn't fall below your knees!

American Eagle

Yes, this was a place you shopped when you were in high school, but you can still shop there now! I've bought my jeans from them since high school and I'm never trying anything new. I've heard that Gap jeans had a good petite size, and they pants literally covered my feet in the petite size! American Eagle has a short length that is truly short! These are great for wearing with heels or flats and can even tuck into boots nicely. However, if you want to roll these, they'll be too short. If you want to roll it to wear with booties (or something along those lines), get the regular length. 

J Crew

I haven't been shopping at J Crew as frequently as I used to because I find their items have been getting more and more expensive! However, their petite section is pretty legendary and has tons of options for us short girls. Not only do they have petite-sized pants, but they have anything from pajamas to wedding attire. 


Even though I'm not a huge fan of Anthro as a lot of you probably are, they have great petite options. They focus on the important things like smaller arm holes, higher knee breaks, and tailored sleeves!


I'll admit I haven't tried topshop yet, but I've only been hearing great things and this was recently suggested to me for amazing petite options. You can find trendy pieces, that aren't too expensive, and are ready-to-wear! 

Lastly, I'll leave you with some general tips I try to follow for what type of clothing works best for us petite-girls.

What you want:

Heels are a huge plus. Nothing drastic needed, even a 1-2" heel will help elongate your legs. 
Low-rise pants also help make your torso look longer if you have a short-torso. 
Vertical Stripes give the effect of looking taller and slimmer.

What to avoid:

Long, unstructured skirts. 
Chunky, big belts.
Shirt-dresses or tunic tops. 

Where do you love to shop that flatters your body type?

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