Monday, November 23, 2015

Keeping Motivated to Exercise

I've mentioned a couple times how I want to lose weight and my activity goals. Cue eye roll. I've been so bad, and going into this holiday season, I'm kind of concerned for myself. I even signed up for a "Maintain, Don't Gain" challenge at work, so hopefully that $50 spa gift card incentive will help me through the holidays. 

I'm actually great at maintaining my weight. Between dog walks and fitness classes, I keep myself pretty active. However, my motivation has been at an all time low this fall/winter time. My commute is longer and a bit more draining, I don't have telework days anymore, and I'm studying every night for the stupid GRE. I try to keep up exercising at least three times a week, but sometimes it's tough to maintain.

Here are the ways I keep motivated to go to the gym and exercise. 

Prep my accessories and clothes ahead of time

We have workout classes offered during work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When I bring my clothes into the office, I can't ignore going to the workout class. Even when I'm at home and want to work out immediately after walking Starla, I change into my workout clothes before walking her. That way when I get home, I feel silly (and guilty) if I change out of my workout clothes into my yoga pants and t-shirt.

Having someone to keep me accountable

I still struggle with this. It helps for my at work classes when all the girls who I work with always ask, "You're going to the class today, right?" but for other times when I'm at home, there's no one to motivate me to get off my butt. Starla even encourages me staying on the couch with her...What I've started doing is talking to people in my gym and making friends. I usually go to the same group fitness classes at the same time. That way they unconsciously keep me accountable when they say, "Missed you last week!"

Setting small, reasonable goals

I started off telling myself that I want to workout five times a week and lose 10 lbs. Yikes! That's terrifying and totally overwhelming. I start off at smaller goals that I can slowly increase as I get better. Right now, it's just maintaining three workouts a week and seeing any sort of drop in the scale.

Rewarding myself

I'm totally about self-rewards. I'm not saying a reward like ordering a large pizza after 30 minutes of working out, but maybe treating yourself to that pedicure you need after you've been to Barre for three weeks in a row. 

Not beating myself up

Show of hands who is guilty of this. Me! Let yourself have a day off, or relax your goals during the weekend. Something that allows you release some stress. It's totally okay take a breather day after a long day at work. 

What keeps you motivated to exercise? What are your favorite types of exercises?

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