Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Why I Love D.C. + Secret Blogger Club Link-Up

I know, the DC area can be expensive, overcrowded, busy, and filled with politicos. But there are so many awesome reasons to live in the nation's capital!

There are tons of activities to do

For whatever reason, people think D.C. is a stuffy city with no fun to be had. Wrong! Yes, there's tons of monuments to go see, amazing (and free) Smithsonian museums, but also lots of fun activities that aren't super touristy. You can kayaking (or booze cruise) on the Potomac, you can walk down the streets of Georgetown and go shopping, you can go to Nationals games, there are amazing bars, and more. Also during the summer, there's a food or beer/wine festival pretty much every week.

There's a new bar or restaurant popping up every day.

Like seriously, I'm not joking. So many options and so many types. Do you want hole-in-the-wall? Craft cocktails? Upscale? Trendy? Re-living your college days? We got it all.

There are tons of opportunities

Yes, I know. D.C. is expensive! But that is paralleled by tons of career opportunities (that pay very well I might add). I'm always jealous when my friends from other states tell me that they pay about half the rent that I do. At the same time, they get paid half the salary I do. So it all evens out. Another huge perk, is that I've never had any issues finding jobs straight out of college. It's a booming area for job growth in tons of different fields!

It's full of beauty at every corner

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

It's centrally located

It’s centrally located to a whole ton of great places: Philadelphia, New York, Ocean City, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Baltimore. Planning a weekend trip is super easy! Just the fact that I can take an hour drive and be in either wine-country, beach, or a whole other metropolis is amazing.

Hello, Patriotism!

You can't go anywhere without seeing at least 489123840 flags. But honestly, there is just so much history in DC that you can't find anywhere else in the country. It'll make you feel proud to be American (even if you are a dual citizen like me)!

What do you love about your city? Have you ever visited DC?

And now for the link-up! I'm co-hosting my favorite link-up The Secret Blogger Club with Kels today.

The rules: There are no rules!! (j/k mostly)

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