Friday, May 15, 2015

What I Read - May Update

What I Read

One Plus One by Jojo Moyes. So I've had this book and Moyes other book, Me Before You, on my list for a little while. It was hard to put this book down and very easy to absorb yourself entirely in the story. I loved the family aspect of it and how it wasn't just a pure romance story between the Jess and Ed. Four stars!
Yes, Please by Amy Poehler (halfway through). One of my friend's roommates had this sitting on her shelf when I was in Nashville. I was able to crush the first half but didn't get to the second part. Very hysterical, in-your-face, and open. I love her point of view, and also that she has advice from Louis C.K. in it!
Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter (halfway through). My audiobook expired halfway through and I'm really sad about it. And now I can't even justify buying it because I'm half way through! So far, the book is amazing and totally addicting. I really hope I can get the library to loan it out to me again shortly!
The Blondes by Emily Schultz. I got this book through Netgalley and was 100% attracted by the cover art. I totally don't follow the "Don't judge a book by it's cover" rule. Whoops. What a weird and interesting idea that a hair color would turn humans into vampire like crazed creatures. I really liked the narration from the main character had but overall I gave it three stars.
DUFF by Kody Keplinger. I actually really liked this book. It was a quick and easy read and for a YA book, it really had some depth and real issues in it. I also related a lot to the main character because I think I considered myself a bit of a DUFF when I was in high school. I really want to see the movie now! Four stars. 

What I'm Currently Reading

The Book of Joe by Jonathan Tropper (audiobook)
Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

My Reading Challenge Updates

Total Books this month: 3 and two halves. 
Total Books read this year: 11/75 (Behind by 14 books)
Total Books Read for the Modern Mrs. Darcy Challenge5 / 12

Okay so I totally sucked at reading this month! It's been really busy and I haven't traveled much which is where I do a ton of my reading!

What have you read lately? Also if we aren't already, be my friend on Goodreads!

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