Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Humpday Confessions | Horseback Riding Hurts

Thank you Columbus Day for making me almost forget that today is Wednesday and almost forgetting this link-up. But fear not, confessors, I somehow made it!

Humpday Confessions

I confess that...

I totally am messed up for this week, it's official. Today is Tuesday not Wednesday. Not that I'm complaining though!

official have registered for the GRE. I am actually planning on applying to business schools, which typically ask for the GMAT. I did a whole ton of research and noticed that the majority of business schools take either GRE and GMAT. Considering that GMAT is more math intensive, I chose the GRE because I think I'll do better on it. Now, I just need to study my ass off for it. #workhardplayharder

I am obsessing over what schools to choose, right now my short list is about 8 schools. #whoops

I'm slowly getting the hang of my DSLR! I took a bunch of decent photos this weekend including an amazing headshot for my mom.

I went horseback riding on Sunday. If you follow me on snapchat (@alannaandco) you got to see a sneak peek into it. I was afraid to take too many photos because I would probably drop my phone. Anyways....I'm still sore from it. I used to ride all the time, and never got sore, even if I took a month long break from it. I guess I'm getting older?

I still haven't decided on what to wear for halloween yet! And I have a house party that I'm going to so I definitely need to have a good costume because I won't be hanging out in some dingy-dark bar like I usually opted to do for the past two years (and regretted it). #IdeasWelcome

Lastly, I'm hosting my first instagram loop giveaway! Of course, I #failed miserably and missed the launch time becuase I had a last minute work call, so that sucked, but oh well. Live and learn. If you want to enter, click here. It's a whole bunch of Sephora goodies. 

What are you confessing this week? What are you being for Halloween?

Now onto the link-up!

Here are the ground rules for the link-up:
  • Each Wednesday create a post about what’s going on in your life and confess!
  • Grab the button and include it in your post or include a text link back to the link-up. This will be mandatory.
  • Link up so we can see what you're confessing this week.
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  • Enjoy!

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