Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Stitchfix Review

Last week I received my third Stitchfix. If you don't already know what it is, you can see my first review here

This month was alright. It wasn't as disappointing as some other fixes I've seen on other blogs, but still not the best. I think I have a new stylist. I can't remember the name of my last stylist for whatever reason, but this time I had Jessica style me. If you follow me on Snapchat (hint, you should @alannaandco) you got a whole video review too. But if you missed out on the fun, here it is right here. 

Jayne Dress by Collective Concepts

Jayne Stitchfix Dress | Alanna & Company

$88 - Returned. It was small but it was just too big for me. The shoulders didn't line up for me and I would have wanted it a bit more form fitting around my waist. It didn't help my shape whatsoever, and for the price it wasn't worth it. 

Sabrina Yoke Detail Blouse by Papermoon

Sabrina Stitchfix Blouse | Alanna & Company

$44 - Kept. Simple, cute blouse. I don't have a hot red blouse anyways, so why not. 

Toni Peplum Blouse By Alice Blue

Peplum Stitchfix Blouse | Alanna & Company

$48 - Kept. My favorite out of the whole fix. It really helped make my waist look smaller and even though the peplum fad isn't as big now, it was perfect for a date night or even to wear with a nice skirt to work. 

Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan by Market & Spruce

Assymetrical Cardigan from Stitchfix | Alanna & Company

$68 - Kept. I was really iffy about this cardigan. The zip is neat but zipped up looked kind of odd on me. I love the way that it drapes when unzipped though and the material is very light and breathable. 

Tonya Button Up Cardigan by 11 Star

Cardigan from Stitchfix | Alanna & Company

$48 - Returned. I said it in my snapchat and I'll say it again. I could find this at target for a lot cheaper. 

What do you think of what I received? Do you have a favorite Stitchfix stylist?

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