Friday, December 18, 2015

Trendsend Subscription Box Review

So I've been big on getting Stitchfixes every time I get some credit in my account. I've reviewed them before, I like them, and some I don't like. But about a month ago Chelsie wrote about a newer service called Trendsend and I was totally intrigued. So of course, I signed up for them ASAP. 

Here's the scoop. You fill out a style profile, like Stitchfix, and enter in all of your information, your likes, your dislikes, etc. The fun part is that they also ask you to take photos of yourself and send it in so they can see your physical body shape too!

Initially, I was so excited because it seemed like Stitchfix but without the $20 styling fee. What a steal? I could send back everything without having to pay a cent. Then I got an email last week saying that they are now implementing a $20 styling fee :( Sorry, gals. 

The other differences between Stitchfix and Trendsend are:

-Trendsend offers clearance and sale items.
-Instead of receiving one item and then giving you suggestions of what to pair with it, Trensend sends you full outfits. 
-You have five days to try and return your items with Trendsend instead of three days.
-With Stitchfix you can decide the exact day you want to have your fix sent to you by. Trendsend says they will send you your fix "within 14 days," however mine took 16 days to send. So I just had to wait around and hope I was at home when it arrived.
-They send  you more items per package. I got seven, where Stitchfix only sends you five items. 

Now to segue off that last point, I had no clue when my package was coming and my apartment package delivery is pretty wishy-washy about alerting me if I have a package. So I received it on a Wednesday and then went down to check on a Saturday if I had a package. Yep...Three days ago. Luckily, I had five days to send it back but it wasn't enough time to photograph all the clothes with me wearing them. #badblogger. So here are just the images from Trendsend/Evereve's website of the items that they sent me.

Ezra Ponte Tunic Dress - $78

I love the idea of the dress, I loved the fabric, the pattern, however the style of this type of dress is absolutely awful on me. Since I'm so petite, where the drop waist lands is on my hips and the length of the dress is almost to my knees. If it was petite, I would have got it for sure. Verdict: Returned

In addition to the dress, they sent a black cami with it. Fine, that makes a whole outfit, but a black cami for $28? No way. I have camis already, and if I needed new ones, I'd go to target and buy them for $5. Verdict: Returned

Dark Evelyn Top - $78

Again, the same issue. I loved the style of the top and the material however it was way too long on me. The shirt entirely covered my butt and it just made me look frumpy. Verdict: Returned

Vegan Leather Seamed Legging - $108

Oh boy, this was an interesting one. I didn't mind the idea of it, especially since htey were intending to style it with the above top (which was long!) They felt comfortable enough but hugged in all the wrong spots (i.e. crotch.) Unless I wore this with shirts that completely covered my front and butt, I would never walk outside wearing them. Verdict: Returned

Hanna Tee - $59

I really did like this tee, it fit well, and I love blue. However it was pretty see-through and I wasn't sure how the material would hold up in the long run. If it was cheaper I would have kept it, but it wasn't worth the $59 to me. Verdict: Returned

Krista Ankle Skinny with Raw Hem - $169

So first of all, I told my stylist, specifically not to send me jeans because I have so many already that I love. She acknowledged that in her letter to me and said that "these jeans were one of a kind." That's for sure. Okay take a peek at the hem line. They were completely frayed. Absolutely, not my style. They fit well, and they were comfortable but I'm just not sure what my stylist thought when looking at my style profile.Verdict: Returned

Cozy Cabled V Neck - $78

It's pretty funny looking at this picture because it's not how my sweater fits me at all. I guess I truly am petite. The sweater is so much longer on me, but it is everything I wanted. The sleeves are a bit long so if I'm cold they cover more of my hands. It also is just oversized enough but not too long to look like it is too big. The material is perfectly soft. The night that I got the box, I wore it out. Verdict: Kept!

My overall opinion of Trendsend is just okay.

Clothing: 4/5. Great options, cute styles, materials felt durable.
Styling Process: 2/5. I wish they listened better to what I requested and focused on styles that would work for petite.
Prices: 4/5. I think most things were priced well. I would never spend that amount for jeans or leggings but the tops and dress were just at the right price point.
Overall Process: 3/5. I wish they told you exactly when you would be receiving the fix or updated you of the tracking information when it sent out, so you can anticipate when it will arrive. The five days to decide is much better than only three. I'm still a bit confused on the return process (so I'll have to follow up with you on that later), I just put the stuff I returned back into the bag and mailed out, but there was no online "check-out" like there is for Stitchfix. I just left feedback for the items. So we will see when I get charged? Not much instruction on this part.

I might give them another try again, however I'm a bit discouraged because they added on the $20 styling fee. (and I have some credit with Stitchfix, still)

Have you tried any clothing subscription boxes? Which are your favorites?

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