Monday, December 21, 2015

Things I Never Grew Out Of

Happy me! For some reason I forgot to take this day off and I am currently at work (or maybe riding in on the metro slightly late after brunch yesterday...) and I'm probably regretting every second of it it. So I'm obviously writing to you from the past because I knew I had to schedule this post out far in advance.

Anyways, in celebration of my birthday I want to share with you some things that I never grew out of.

Being easily entertained

I literally snapped and texted all my friends the other day when I finally got to ride on a new metro car. It was shiny, the voice was automated, it was smooth! I'd like to think that half of my friends were just like this

But I got absolutely no responses so I'll just have to assume...

Being overly cautious

I know most kids aren't overly cautious and then grow into it, except I've always been over-cautious. I had hoped that I'd be more adventurous at this age, but even hearing someone saying they're going scuba diving gives me the sweats.

Gliding on shopping carts

There's just something so exciting about getting a little running start and gliding down the aisle to where you need to pick up more chicken stock.


Licking the baking bowl.

I could care less that I could get salmonella. I gotta test it before putting it through the entire process of baking it.

Counting with my fingers

Oh yes, you better believe that I counted on my fingers during my GRE. Fool-proof ways of adding.

So hope you are all having a wonderful Monday and aren't nursing a hangover like I am (most likely). What are some things that you never grew out of?

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