Monday, December 28, 2015

Signs Your Fitbit Has Taken Over Your Life

1. You wear it constantly, except for in the shower.

2. You get stressed when you have to charge it because that's precious time that it's not tracking you.

3. If you're not in a challenge, there's no point to hitting 10K steps a day.

4. When you forget your Fitbit there's no point to doing anything that day because it doesn't count.

5. You obsessively track your sleeping habits.

6. When you want to go out and wear a nice watch or bracelet that would clash with your Fitbit, you find ways to wear your Fitbit on other places than your wrist.

Don't be like crazy Fitbit Alanna, be free from your Fitbit life. Enjoy the holidays and don't worry that you're only getting about 2k steps per day between walking to the fridge, going to the TV, and then back into bed.

Happy Holidays and hope you all had a good Christmas if that's what you celebrate.

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