Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Year in Review and 2016 Goals

I'm not a person who is huge on resolutions, however I am a big list maker. So I'm writing this down as basically a "to-do" list for 2016.

New Years Resolutions and Goals | Alanna & Company

Work up to the gym 5x a week. 
I'm currently at a minimum working out twice a week, but on average three times a week. I really want to push it to five days a week, but I'll start at hoping for four times per week.

Cut back on the weeknight drinking.
I like wine....a lot. So do my friends, roommates, and boyfriend. So it's easy to crack open a bottle with the intention of one glass and end up finishing the bottle (easily) on a week night. I want to reign in the weekday drinking a bit. It'll be better for my waistline, sleep, and hydration.

Monitor my eating better.
I've been off and on using MyFitnessPal, but I just bought an adorable planner from Blogilates and I want to use it every day! This way I can monitor my eating better. I keep catching myself indulging meal after meal, and want to limit on one indulge dinner/lunch per week!

Apply and work with more companies and brands via my blog.
Okay I obviously can't list goals without a blog related goal! I've been accepted into a few more brand communities and I need to improve my pitches. I want to comfortably be able to reach out to companies and pitch to them (successfully!) and develop a better voice in reviewing products and seamlessly integrating those posts into something you will want to read!

2015 has been a whirlwind of crazy things, and I'm happy that it all happened but also a bit happy that it's over.


I went to San Francisco and Santa Cruz and made overly ambitious reading goals.


I tried my hand at a homemade pie crust.


I tried to start running and gave up after a couple weeks.


I went to Vegas, talked about Weight Watchers, and bought my domain ""!


I broke up with my boyfriend, traveled to Nashville that same weekend to visit my two best friends from high school, and moved home to my parents.


I hit my six month blogging anniversary.


I realized that I have a resting bitch face and scare a lot of people away and started to move on from my break-up.


I binge watched a lot of TV and hosted an Instagram photo-a-day challenge with some other awesome blogger co-hosts.


I started a new job and joined a fantasy football league for the first time in my life.


I picked up hosting Humpday Confessions and started dating my current boyfriend.


The month that I redesigned my blog and started my reading list for 2016.


I turned 25.

What are your goals for the New Year? Are you happy that 2015 is almost over?

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