Friday, July 10, 2015

Starla's American Journey

Products c/o of in exchange for an honest review. 

About once a month, Starla gets lucky and gets more mail than I do.

This month they have a new line of products that came out called American Journey, exclusive to So they decided to let us try some of their new line.

 She might have also got a cute new bandanna. I swear this girl looks good in every color. It's not fair!

At first, Starla wanted to try her Beef Tripe chews. She thought they smelt lovely and tasted delicious. She might have also been mad at me about how sunny it was, and that I insisted on taking her photos.

Her favorite trick is give a paw. 

If you have a dog and haven't heard of bully sticks, you are missing out! They are made from 100% all natural USA beef with no fillers or artificial colors, or flavors. They are the best alternative to rawhides, which aren't the healthiest for your dog.

Starla is a crazy chewer and these can entertain her for a nice long time. She'll do all sorts of crazy tricks for a little bully stick. 

We received the American Journey Curly Bully Stick, bully stick, roasted marrow bone, beef tripe chews, and just turkey jerky. Her favorites are the bully stick (of course) and the turkey jerky. She thinks they smell and taste delicious. 

What type of treats to you give your furry friend? Have you tried out

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