Friday, July 31, 2015

Reader Survey Results

A big thank you to everyone who filled out my reader survey. It was really great getting your responses in and getting a bit more information about you and what you like!

That being said, here are the results of my reader survey! However, you are more than welcome to keep submitting survey responses.

What is your favorite type of content on Alanna & Company? (select all that apply)
Humor - 14%
Lifestyle - 24%
Books, Reading, or Music - 13%
DC and Travel - 11%
Restaurant and Food - 8%
Beauty, Fashion, and Makeup - 8%
Blogging Tips (Including PicMonkey Tutorials) - 22% 

What would you prefer to see less of on Alanna & Company? (select all that apply)
Humor - 0%
Lifestyle - 6%
Books, Reading, or Music - 9%
DC and Travel - 3%
Restaurant and Food - 12%
Beauty, Fashion, and Makeup - 18%
Blogging Tips (Including PicMonkey Tutorials) - 21%
Sponsored/Reviews - 31%

How long have you been reading Alanna & Company?
New Reader - 17%
1 - 2 Months - 47%
2 - 4 Months - 23%
4 - 6 Months - 13%

I find new posts from Alanna & Company on:
Twitter - 7%
Facebook - 41% - 4%
Bloglovin' or Feedly - 41%
I have your blog bookmarked or directly at - 7%

How do you like the frequency of posts?
Just right - 85%
Could have more - 15%
Would like less - 0%

How often do you visit Alanna & Company?
Every day there is a new post - 25%
Two to Three times a week - 54%
Once a week - 21%

What is your age?
16 -24 years old - 22%
25 - 29 years old - 56%
30 - 40 years old - 22%

Now, what?

Well, first of all, I used this on google forms, and the data was a bit hard to format. So next time, I'll definitely use surveymonkey or something like that. I'll keep writing lifestyle posts, but I definitely need to step up the blogging tips and PicMonkey tutorials because you all like those a lot! 

I wasn't surprised that Sponsored posts and review posts were ranked as what you would like to see a lot less of, but then the Blogging Tutorials ranked at 21% of you would prefer to see less, which directly opposes the question above...Weird! Right after that was Beauty, Fashion, and Makeup which I wasn't really surprised with. I'm not the strongest writer in that category, so I'll continue to keep those posts to a minimum.

Most of you find me on Bloglovin' or Feedly and Facebook. I'm going to assume that you mostly chose Facebook because of the Facebook blogging groups that I'm in, not because of my Facebook page, right? If so, I'll continue to share on those! I also need to keep in mind the age demographic. I know I write from my point of view as a twenty-something, but the fact that 44% of you are either 30-40 or 16-24 makes me really happy that I don't just interest people in my age demographic!

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for filling out my reader survey. What do you think about the results? Any further suggestions? You can always email me at As a last thank you to all of you, I am offering a buy one month, get one month free on sponsorship offers. For any of you who purchase an ad within the next week, I'll automatically extend you for a second month on that same spot!

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