Friday, February 27, 2015

Spotify Hacks + What's on my playlist now?

I apologize for such a short list this month! I've actually been trying to listen to audiobooks when I drive so I haven't been picking up on new music from the radio as much as before. I also have really been jamming out to the "Hanging Out and Relaxing" Spotify playlist which doesn't really have any brand-new music for me to share. But here it is anyways! 
  1. Earned it by The Weeknd. It took me so long to realize that he actually misspelled his name on purpose. Also this is from Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, so another thumbs up to this song.
  2. Elastic Heart by Sia.
  3. Unapologetic Bitch by Madonna. Madonna will never get old. She is great!
  4. Truffle Butter by Nicki Minaj featuring Drake and Lil Wayne. I don't think you want to know what kind of truffle butter she's talking about....or do you?
  5. Ice Princess by Azealia Banks. I really don't like her, especially for how she has hated on Iggy but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. 
  6. Planes by Jeremih and J. Cole. Such a sexy song! J. Cole always does it for me. 
  7. Movement and Location by Punch Brothers. I guess this is kind of country-ish and I typically don't like country. The main singer's voice just gets me and kind of reminds me of a more bluegrassy version of MuteMath which is my FAVORITE BAND EVER. Punch Brothers are actually playing at a small music club called the 930 Club that's near me, but of course when I found that out, they were already sold out. 

Lastly, here is a Spotify hack that I didn't even realize I was doing until I downloaded the desktop app. So I usually listen to spotify on the web app on my chrome browser. I also have the app Ad Block Plus for Chrome, which sucks for browsing blogs because sponsors, passionfruit, etc. won't show up BUT is great for Spotify! If you have Ad Block Plus activated while listening to Spotify on your browser, it will entirely skip the ads and commercials, thus leaving you with only music tracks! Yay for hacks. 

Do you guys have any new music suggestions I should be listening to?

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