Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Blogging Editorial Calendar: What I Use

So there's tons of posts out there that really expound on why editorial calendars are useful. I actually just started scheduling posts the middle of last month and so far it's been great. I've had my posts scheduled about two weeks out and it's been really great to have some consistent content. 

I started out by using Google calendar. It's an easy way that I can sync my calendar across all my electronics (laptop, phone, tablet) and it has a great month at a view glance. I'm sure many people use this way. It's also easy to drag and drop if I need to reschedule a post. 

I also recently purchased a May Designs planner from Bronte Designs and that has been my new favorite tool for blog posting. There's just something about having a tactile object that I can have in front of me. It's small enough that I can fit it in my purse and carry it around and it's super cute. It's also Oprah's favorite planner. It's super easy to write in, has sections for Things to Do, Errands to Run, and Oh! Don't Forget! Here's a quick preview of my planner a couple weeks ago. 

Now my next task is to really start organizing. As any lifestyle blogger, you know that you post about a lot of different things. Its been really nice to be able to track my categories that I post about and I can work on keeping different types of posts on the same days each week. For example, I try to have a recipe, DIY, or any pinnable post on Mondays. 

Lastly, there is something to be said about spontaneity and flexibility. For example, if a cute link-up comes up, or something in pop culture occurs, it's always nice to be able to break the routine and talk about something new. 

I really love scheduling my posts and planning everything out ahead of time. Do you schedule your posts or use an editorial calendar? How far in advance do you plan ahead?

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