Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Shhh, don't talk. Just taste.

In honor of wine'd down Wednesday, I thought I would confess my favorite wine wine obsession! #wino

It's Flirt Red Wine! I obviously first got it because it's such a cute label and for $10 at Harris Teeter ($13 if you don't have a Harris Teeter card) it's a great deal! It's a blend of syrah, tempranillo, and zinfandel. It has a fruity spice and is easy to drink alone or with a meal. Taken from the word of Hipstererenology, "It has everything you could ask for in a wine at this price: fruity spice with a little character and intrigue. What more could you want in a flirt?" 

It also has adorable quirky corks like the one above and "Because things with your old wine just weren't working out." I think I'm going to start collecting them and making some sort of DIY craft from it. Does anyone know of any wine cork crafts I could make?

Our Three Peas

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(In case you were wondering, this is not a sponsored post. I wish Flirt would sponsor me and send me free bottles of wine...#prettyplease?)

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