Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Work Attire and a Case of Missing Time

Ugh being back from San Francisco sucks! It was a crazy trip and I had a ton of fun. I promise I'll give an overview of my packing and what activities I did shortly! But for now!

Making Melissa

I confess that..
I am starting to try and make an editorial calendar. Something basic like on Monday we wear pink! Just kidding, I couldn't resist. More like, on Mondays I will post something that is pinnable!

I haven't seen one episode of the Bachelor yet! I'm slacking majorly. It's all on my DVR though, so when my boyfriend is out for a doctor's appointment tonight I promise to catch up!

I hate wearing slacks to work. I will happily wear dresses and skirts all winter into work.

I have also torn through at least five pairs of tights this winter :'(

I'm totally scared that February is going to fly by! There are tons of things that I'm doing in February and March that I am just not prepared for!

Bye lovelies!

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  1. Tights are the biggest pain. My dog likes to scratch at me pretty much only when I wear tights!

  2. Agreed! You and I need to move to someplace warm where we can burn all the tights we ever owned.

  3. pants are the worst! but its so cold sometimes tights just wont keep me warm enough

  4. eugh January flew by and i'm not ready for February...

  5. Agreed! Thanks for hosting the linkup!

  6. I love my skirts/dresses. Everyone else in my office wears jeans and I'm not even sorry about being the best dressed person in the office.

  7. Jealous that you get to wear jeans in your office. That would be another work staple if I could. But it is always a big plus being the best dressed in the office! Thanks for visiting Megan.


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