Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Humpday Confessions & Link-up Announcement

Happy Humpday! I am so happy for long weekends and that today is only the second day of the work week. Now let's get to the confessions!

I confess that...

-This is the first week of my new job and I'm starting to learn the metro better. I really hope it doesn't snow a lot this winter because I will really need to wear in my snow boots in that case.

-I had an amazing, albeit very drunk, long weekend! I had a wedding on Saturday for one of my sorority friends that I've known since the second day of my freshman year. I am so happy for her! The wedding was beautiful. Then I went to go see Modest Mouse on Sunday and went to a bottomless food & drink brunch on Monday. I really should write up a review of the restaurant I went to on Monday. I loved it!

-I'm finally cleaning out my emails of all my junk subscriptions. I really don't need Costco, Elle magazine, Google+ and more crap emailing me daily. I take a good five minutes just deleting emails from my phone without even reading them. I love the gmail unsubscribe button!

-I'm back to not paying for any fitness or gym memberships. My Classpass ended and I can't bring myself to renew it. It's so expensive! The only gym that is in walking distance is a Sport and Health and they're super expensive too! I am going to plan on walking more, running every once in a while and then lifting daily at my work gym or gym in my apartment building. Weight loss goal, here I come!

-I am super pleased with myself for figuring out the sticky top navigation, drop down menus and being able to shorten my sidebar! I think my space looks a lot cleaner, however that doesn't help me with narrowing down my niches/categories. I've actually added more :( whoops.

-I don't mind washing laundry, I don't mind folding laundry but I hate putting it all away. I don't know why! I currently have basket of clean folded laundry sitting in my corner and all my hanging clothes strewn across the back of my office chair.

-I'm totally going to buy my DSLR when I get my PTO pay out. I had 200 hours of PTO that I never used. Clearly, I need to take more vacation time. I think I'm going to go for the Canon Rebel T3i or T2i with a 50 mm lens. Any suggestions of what I should get? What do you fancy DSLR peeps have? Someone help me.

In addition, I have a big announcement. I know a few of you have noticed that the Humpday Confessions link-ups have unfortunately gone away. So I decided to take it upon myself to host it. (I hope I'm not crazy!) It'll be a weekly link-up where you have time to confess your life every Wednesday! Just like this post. The first week I'll launch the link-up will be September 23rd. So mark your calendars and grab the button below. If you ever want to co-host, I'd love it. Just shoot me an email and I'll get you all set up. 

Here are the ground rules for the link-up:
  • Each Wednesday create a post about what’s going on in your life and confess!
  • Grab the button and include it in your post or include a text link back to the link-up. This will be mandatory.
  • Link up so we can see what you're confessing this week.
  • Comment on at least one other blogger’s post from the link up, if there is more than one hopefully!
  • Feel free to share on social media with the hashtag #HumpdayConfessions
  • Enjoy!

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