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5 Ideas to Keep Your Dogs Fit and Fun

Good Morning readers! Today, I have a guest post from Jordan Walker about your furry friends! Hope you enjoy.

Jordan Walker has a passionate interest in animals and their welfare. He is the lead content curator for Coops and Cages and other pet-related blog sites and has written several articles about the subject. In this post, he gives tips on how you can keep your dogs in good shape.

Just like humans, dogs also need to follow proper diet and a series of exercise for them to stay healthy for many years.

Aside from health risks like obesity and other chronic diseases, studies show that dogs that do not go on a regular exercise are also more likely to manifest behavioral issues such as uncontrollable barking, digging, and even chewing.

As health remains to be one of the most important factors in sharing happier and longer moments with your dog companion, here are some essential tips that will help you keep your dog fit and fun.

Have Them Follow a Balanced Diet

Before giving your dog any diet plan, make sure to consult your vet so you have an idea whether he is overweight and if he is, how much weight he needs to lose.

To make a good start, never give your dog the kinds of food that are high in fats and calories. Instead, replace them with healthier options like green beans, baby carrots, banana slices, and dehydrated sweet potatoes.

Observe Discipline

Food discipline does not only help your dogs keep the right behavior during meal time, it also makes reaching diet goals easier for them. Do not overfeed them as they only need to be fed two to three times every day.

Make it a habit to measure the nutrient content of your pet’s meal to keep track of their calorie intake and prevent them from taking in an amount that is greater than what is recommended by their vet. These measures will avert you from dealing with their misbehavior.

Get Your Pet Moving!

A balanced diet will be useless for any pet if you do not pair it with exercise. A better way to do it is for you to exercise together with your dog, which also gives you, as the owner the chance to share a quality time with them.

There are a number of activities that you can do together, such as running, walking, hiking, and even swimming for at least 30 minutes per day. These will keep both you and your canine friend in good shape.

As a safety reminder, before starting any exercise program, make sure you have your vet’s approval. Outdoor activities should also be done during the coldest time of the day as too much exposure to heat can put your dog’s life at risk.

Give Your Pet Enough Time to Rest

Although your pet needs physical activities, you should also give them enough time to rest after a long and tiring day. This will let them replenish energy and will prevent over fatigue, which often results to mood swings and other untoward behaviors.

Let Your Dog Loose!

Another effective way to keep your dog fit and happy is to let him play at his own pace. Let him roam around the house or play in your backyard freely. Give him toys that he can enjoy.

Letting your pet play at his own convenience gives him the time to explore things, which could help improve his self-confidence and social behavior.

The greatest reward that you can give your dog is a healthy mind and body. By following these tips, it will no longer be impossible for these goals to be achieved!

How do you keep your pet fit?

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Jordan is the lead content curator for Coops and Cages as well as a couple of other pet-related blogs. His passion for animals is only paired with his love for “attempting” to play the guitar. If you would like to catch more of him, you can by following his Twitter account: @JordanWalker82.

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