Monday, August 3, 2015

Best TV Shows to Binge Watch

Thanks to the invention of Netflix (and every other media company who has followed their streaming TV pattern), binge watching is now an epidemic! It's amazing. Huffington posts says that, "Fifty-percent of adults now identify as binge-viewers, meaning they're watching multiple episodes of a TV show back-to-back, according to a new study of 1,000 adults with pay TV subscriptions. The percentage was even higher for those under 35." But honestly, who needs statistics when you can get home from work and have plans with an inanimate object for hours? I'm talking about your TV!

To help out all you fellow-bingers, I've put together this handy binge-watching to-do list. Please enjoy! Also, if you want true descriptions of the show instead of my rhetoric, I've helpfully included links to their synopses.

Ranked in order of most binge-worthy.

Where you can find it: Showtime
Why it's binge-worthy: It has all the drama. Not only is it a simple story of two people who engage in an affair, it shows their stories from different point of views, and also a great twist at the end. 
How binge-worthy: Not even the temptation of snacks or wine will drag you off the couch to stop watching.
Where you can find it: on Netflix or FX for new episodes!
Why it's binge-worthy: Morbid fascination. Terrifyingly good. The first season is actually the weirdest, and the slowest, so force yourself through it and then get into the next few seasons. It's great to see the same actors play different roles in each season. You can go from loving one person, to hating them season to season.
How binge-worthy: Too scared to hit "Stop Watching."

Where you can find it: on HBO
Why it's binge-worthy: You totally get to immerse yourself in a rich fantasy world with great character development that keeps you on your toes at all times.
How binge-worthy: You just have to see who is going to die next!

Pst, the answer is "yes!"
Where you can find it: on Netflix
Why it's binge-worthy: Call your inner bad-ass, (s)he'll love it. Goes from epic firefights to heart-wrenching romances, and back to a whole ton of motorcycling. Apparently this show is pretty true to reality, too?
How binge-worthy: You'll want to don your leather cut and ride off in the wind with your Netflix account forever.
Where you can find it: on HBO
Why it's binge-worthy: I really hope I don't need to explain why it's binge worthy...but if you're one of the select few who have never seen at least one episode, here's why: A group of girls looking for love in the city. Revolves around a handful of unrelatable character that together you can totally see yourself in. Plus, they have every girl's dream life. A rent-controlled apartment in Manhattan, with a dream job of either being in PR, a lawyer, a writer (about sex, nonetheless), or the perfect housewife.
How binge-worthy: Put on your yoga pants, grab the wine, and go to town.
Where you can find it: on Netflix (from ABC)
Why it's binge-worthy: Why'd that happen? Who is that? Where are they? What is happening?! WHY?! You'll think you know the mystery, but trust me, you have no clue. 
How binge-worthy: You can't hit "Play next episode," any faster.

Where you can find it: on USA pretty much every other day. 
Why it's binge-worthy: Again, morbid fascination. And your love for Ice-T's puns. It's a classic, I know all my laws and Miranda rights from it! It's a bit more intriguing than the other Law and Order series because of Benson and Stabler, and their steamy sexual tension throughout the show.
How binge-worthy: Just turn on the tv and grab some popcorn. You won't even have to scroll through your queue to find this one.

BRB. Going to go watch TV for days now.

What are your favorite shows to binge watch?

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