Monday, July 27, 2015


Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekend was as good as mine.

Friday, I went out to DC Improv to see Flip Orley who is a comic hypnotist. I was a bit apprehensive and skeptical about it, but it was absolutely hilarious. He wasn't crass and didn't make any volunteers do anything embarassing. However, he had all of his volunteers forget their name unless they spelt it out letter by letter, and he had one of his volunteers believing that he was the Pumba mascot at disney. 

Saturday, I had an early morning photoshoot! I'll share the photos shortly, I hope they turned out well. Starla and I met our cute next door neighbor puppy. Then I had a Twilighter 5k. I've been running a bit more lately, but I still wasn't prepared for this 5k. My heart rate was ridiculously high. My body felt good, but my lungs were just not having it. I started the timer late as you can see below, but I finished in 37 minutes. 

I've also realized that Starla thinks that my bed is her own. I've been trying to implement a no-bed policy unless I invite her up...but she's too spoiled for that. 

Sunday, I went to brunch at Beuchert's Saloon in Eastern Market. So tasty! We started off with biscuits and unlimited mimosas. The nice twist to the mimosas were that they had mead in them! We ordered the Challah French toast and Eggs benedict. Then of course, dessert was calling our name so we got key lime pie with marshmallow whipped cream. I'm drooling just thinking about this again. 

Finally, I met up with my bestie Ariel for some drinks. We got some wine out and then she decided to cook up a storm. We had home made mac & cheese, sauteed spinach, and grilled sandwiches. The thing I loved the most was the wine bottle, so I snagged it to use it for something....

Isn't it pretty? I would love to use this bottle as a candle if I could cut off the top. Any ideas of what I can use it for?

Hope you all have a great Monday!

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