Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Life in Numbers.

I saw this "life in numbers" a little bit ago but hadn't gotten around to writing it. I'm afraid it might be a bit random, but I hope it's a bit fun to read too.

8,974 days since I was born.

5 is the number of times that I've moved since July 2013. Please, can I stay in this current apartment for more than a year this time?

I have published 117 blog posts as of today, 20 of which have been filed under Blogging, 12 to Dog Life, and 50 to Life just like this one.

3 is the number of cars that I've owned in my life.

I drive 22.2 miles to work every day, round trip. In approximately six months, I will be walking 0.5 miles to work and I cannot wait.

The number of tattoos I have is three, although I really only count two. My first one was a "I'M EIGHTEEN AND I'M GOING TO LOVE THIS FLOWER ON MY FOOT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!" tattoo. So I don't count it. Half the time, I forget it's there.

I spent $37 on laundry the past month, and so far this month I've spent $0. However, I don't want to calculate the amount of money I've spent on clothes so that I just don't have to wash my laundry. This is the first year I've had to pay for laundry. #CitylifeStruggles.

28 days until I take my first summer vacation this year. 78 days since my last day off for vacation.

3 years, 1 month and 17 days since I graduated from college. It's been two years, 1 month and 21 days since I've been in my current job.

After November, I will have traveled/flown on seven trips. I already have four trips planned for next year (all work trips though.)

There are 74 days until my favorite band performs in concert in DC, finally! Tickets sold out in less than one minutes and were originally $20 and are now about $70. Makes me slightly sad inside, but I'm going regardless.

What are some of your numbers? 

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