Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Daily Facial Cleansing Routine

Good Morning loves! So today I thought I would share with you my daily cleansing routine. As I've said many times, I've very minimalist with make-up, beauty products, etc. So the simpler the routine, the better! 

Usually, I stay up as long as I can in the evenings so I just remove any make-up, splash some water on my face and pass out. I'll start by saying I have an oily complexion so you can get an idea about my skin. But every morning I follow this routine.

I start by washing my face with my Neutrogena Pore Refining Exfoliating Cleanser. I just started using this cleanser about a month ago and I've fallen in love with it. I really didn't like it at first because it doesn't foam up, and really didn't feel like it was exfoliating or getting deep into my pores to clean my face. So I got the Dermalogica face brush. I keep hearing about Clarisonic and those others but I really just didn't feel like spending the money on that right now. Also, my complexion isn't terrible so I couldn't justify spending that much on a brush.

Seriously, try this brush! Yes, it's manual, but between the Neutrogena and the brush, my pores have improved greatly! I've only broken out once since I started this routine!

Lastly, I finish off with a moisturizer that I've mentioned before! The one I have in my original picture is actually the "Clear Complexion" one but the "Positively Radiant" is the moisturizer I use for the summer since it has SPF 15 in it. I'm actually switching so that I use the one with SPF year-round since now I'm outside more frequently walking Starla! The moisturizer covers my entire face and neck with one pump and feels light and smooth once applied. Also for you sensitive skin readers, this is perfect for sensitive skin! My best friend has the most sensitive skin and has broken out with all moisturizers except this one.

Of course, I have my make-up remover in this too! I'm bad and sometimes forget to remove my make-up before bed (I promise I'll be better) and I'm sure I don't need to explain how oil-free make-up removers work to you. Frankly, I find that any brand works the same. 

Do you know any differences to name brand versus generic make-up removers?

Lastly!! I am going on vacation this week to visit my bestie in Nashville so I will be away from this blog for a whole week! I have an amazing group of girls who are helping me out by guest posting starting this Friday. Seriously, there's some amazing content coming so definitely check in with me while I'm gone. I'll still be on social media, so tweet me if you have any recommendations for what I should see or do while I'm in Nashville! Love you guys!

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