Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Travel in 2015

As I've said before, I'm lucky that I get to travel so much! I get to travel for my job and of course, I travel personally too. Anyways, I've told you where I've been in 2014, but what's more exciting is where I'm going!


So I've already been to San Francisco/Santa Cruz in January, I went to New Orleans in March and I'm about to leave for Vegas.

1. Las Vegas. This will be a work trip so I'm glad that they're paying for my hotel room in the Venetian. I hope I get to go out and play a little bit. I'm also super frustrated that Brittany won't be there the weekend I'm there. How dare she?

2. Nashville. Personal! I'm visiting my bestie down in Nashville and hopefully will get to meet up with a couple others while I'm down there. I'm super excited to visit and have only heard of great things. I'm also super excited to try some of the suggestions that Ash has posted about!

3. Dewey Beach for Memorial Day. Personal again! This will be a short little road trip with my girls. It's party central at Dewey that weekend. Last time I was there, I remember we were lined up to get into one of the most popular bars on Memorial day and they had staff handing out sandwiches saying, "This will be the last thing you remember." Yikes. I plan to get in some beach time rather than just drinking and staying in bars the entire time. 

4. Jamaica! Wow I have a lot of personal travel this year! We haven't finalized the plans for this one yet but we are checking out resorts. Right now we're looking at RIU which we went to one in Cabo and it was great and also Sandals. It would be really nice to have a nice couples retreat without any children interrupting us. Have any of you ever been to Jamaica? Any tips?

5. San Antonio. Work! This is for our drawn out Annual Meeting, which is good because I can basically go explore each night if I'm not totally exhausted. I hope to get to see the Riverwalk, but other than that I'm really not sure what else to do. Again, if any of you have been, I would love some recommendations!

6. San Diego! For work. I'm really excited to go to San Diego, I might try and stay longer than my work trip which is only 2.5 days. Primarily because it will be November and cold in the District, but also because I have a few friends to visit there and want to check out the city. For some reason, people tell me I'd love San Diego (or maybe that's because everyone loves San Diego?)

Are you going anywhere good this year? Or do you have any suggestions of what I should go see when I'm traveling?

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