Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Secret Single Girl Behaviors

No, no, I am not single, relax, I'm still in a relationship. Today, I'll be confessing what I do when I'm all by myself. That kind of single.

Alanna & Company: Secret Single Girl Behaviors

I'm not sure that I've ever mentioned this before on my blog, but I am an only child. No, I am not spoiled. I was lucky enough to have parents who refused to let me into that category. #damnit. I'm also more of an introvert or maybe I'm an ambivert? So needless to say, I definitely like my alone time.

1. Play Video games. 
Yes, I am totally a closet nerd. If you follow me on instagram, you will notice the xbox controller in the background, hanging out like Where's Waldo in about 50% of my photos...I'm definitely not some "gamer chick" who will sit for hours playing Halo online and bad-mouthing 12-year olds but I do have a couple games that I will play endlessly. We literally have two xboxes in our house so I can play mine at any and all time. #dontjudgeme. Oh, and if you've been following along, you'll know we just bought a Wii.

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2. Watch Keeping Up with the Karashians or Bad Girls Club.
I know I'm not alone on this one. I like trash tv as much as the next girl. I tried to stay away for so long but I'm sucked in now. It all started one dreary telework day with a tv marathon....

3. Waiting until the boyfriend comes home to put away all the dishes so he can put away all the stuff on the high shelves.
I've tried climbing on the counter. I'm no monkey. I just can't empty the dishwasher by myself. It's been decided. #shortpeopleprobs

4. Eating only hummus and carrots for a meal.
Yes, this includes breakfast. And two thumbs up for no dishes. It's a balanced meal....right?

5. Check out my butt in the mirror.
I live with my boyfriend. Boys don't understand these sort of things. And it takes a while for me to judge myself. 

6. Practice walking in my high heels that are impractical for any other situation.
I think I bought these heels only to wear them alone, in my own apartment, where no one can see how awful I am at walking in them. #sorrydownstairsneighbor.

What do you like to do when no one is watching (except your dog)?

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