Friday, April 10, 2015

Copperwood Tavern Review + Giveaway Announcement

So I've mentioned Copperwood Tavern a couple times before, but now I'll actually write-up a full review of them here!

Alanna & Company: Copperwood Tavern Dinner Review

Carlos and I ventured over to Copperwood this past Sunday evening. Shirlington is a great dog-friendly area with plenty of dog bowls already set-out and patios that are happy to host your furry friend. So with our pup in tow, we walked right over to Shirlington to pick out a good spot to eat. There are great options there but we ended up settling on Copperwood Tavern for our dinner that evening.

Alanna & Company: Copperwood Tavern Dinner Review

The menu is "protein-heavy" with their menu organized by "Small Bites", "A la Carte Proteins", and "Shared Sides". Their proteins ranged from $18-32. We started with the mussels and then Carlos chose the Swordfish with a side of asparagus and I chose the Cesar salad topped with grilled chicken. When you start off they bring you a whole pitcher of water, which is great for me, and some corn bread mini-muffins. 

Surprisingly, they brought the mussels at the same time as our entrees. The mussels were great, huge, perfectly cooked, and sitting in a bacon and bleu cheese broth. My salad was a half grilled, half fresh Caesar salad and the chicken was perfect. I was glad I added the protein though, because if I just had the salad alone, I would have left hungry. 

Carlo's swordfish was topped with an oven-dried tomato and kalamata olive relish that was slightly overpowering. He also thought the fish was a bit on the under-cooked side but didn't feel like sending it back since he hadn't specifically asked for it to be cooked to a certain temperature. Honestly, at $22 plus $8 for the side of asparagus, I felt like his meal was overpriced, or that it should have been served with the asparagus together instead of at an additional price. 

Alanna & Company: Copperwood Tavern Dinner Review

We've been out there for brunch before and I honestly like their brunch menu better than their dinner menu! With six types of Benedicts, and features like Bananas Foster French toast to Duck hash, I'll probably just stick to Copperwood for their brunches. Copperwood Tavern, 4021 Campbell Avenue, Arlington.

Lastly, I will be co-hosting a giveaway this upcoming Monday with a great group of girls, so definitely pop back to see what it is!

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