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My Life Lately and October Goals

I started this post as a goal check in and realized how boring it was and revamped it, not once, but three times before I decided it was acceptable to be on my blog. I've been churning out crap and more crap, and I know I'm being hard on myself because I've been getting some really good feedback but alas I'm a perfectionist.

Alanna & Company life lately paw slap
How I feel about life lately. Btw that's Starla paw slapping me. It happens frequently. Sometimes you can get to see it happen in live action, especially if you follow me on snapchat at alannaandco.  Just saying...
September was a weirdly, busy month. I started my new job after labor day, and with that had to travel the second week of working there. So work life has been all sorts of crazy. I'm still struggling with the changes of a new job, like actually working 9-5 now instead of 7-3, taking public transportation in and out of the city, and actually just being in DC every day now. So many fun restaurants and bars to try out! I honestly can say that September was absolutely exhausting. I'm ready to cozy up at home and settle in for the colder weather. I only plan on being out of town for Colombus day weekend but otherwise will be at home, which is relieving.

In addition to feeling overwhelmed with that, I just kind of feel lost. Isn't that the worst? I honestly don't feel like I'm fulfilling a purpose. I guess, I'm still kind of in a funk since my best friend, Ariel, left town. I still text her and snap her every day but it's different. In addition, I haven't had any training at my job yet and the only thing they can give me to do that doesn't require extensive training time is expense reports. I really like being busy during the day, and this makes me feel like an admin and making me want to go to grad school more and more with every day. I'm sure if my mom reads this she'll jump with joy right about now. Or I could just pick up and move to another city! I like getting those urges every 8 months or so.

Everything right now I'm doing I'm not enjoying to the fullest and I really, really want to change my mindset. I'm reading a book for a book club check-in, I'm preparing apple crisp for a good blog post, I'm going out to eat just to kill some time, I'm blogging to fill my editorial calendar, I'm going to the gym because I paid for it. These are all things I should be enjoying not just doing them to do them.

Wow, this post took a depressing turn. Not to say I'm not happy, take a look at this picture of me from the MuteMath concert on Tuesday! I had a blast.

Alanna & Company Life Lately MuteMath Concert

I think just sometimes I need to focus on enjoying what I'm doing instead of just filling my calendar with so many things to do. Does anyone else feel like this at times?

So honestly, here are the goals that I wrote up earlier before I decided to spill my life upon the blogosphere.

September Goal Progress

  1. Get 1K Instagram followers. Again, no. I'm at 844, but right now I need to shelf this goal and focus on other things. 
  2. Read two books this month. Yes! Both #Girlboss and Inside the O'Briens!
  3. Stay within half of my budgets on I had to kind of work this one a bit since I traveled my budgets were out of whack even though I am going to get reimbursed for the travel expenses. 
  4. Lose at least 3 lbs. I lost 1.5 lbs, but I just signed up for a gym hopefully this helps. 
  5. Write at least two "deep" posts. I wrote one! My editorial calendar was out of control this month, so more planning ahead will help me accomplish this for next month. 

October Goals
  1. Add descriptions and re-categorize my Pinterest boards. Maybe even if I'm feeling extra motivated I might try and create custom pinterest board covers.
  2. Read three books this month. 
  3. Practice with my new camera and take better blog photos. Seriously, shutter speed, ISOs and F-Stops are super confusing! I might even need to take a photography course. 
  4. Lose at least 3 lbs. 
  5. Write at least two wordy posts this month. 
Ha! Scratch that. Screw these goals for this month. I want to enjoy my life this month and focus on me, not some crap goals I decided on to "further me in life". Anyways, You only life once, right?

Alanna and Company Life Lately

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What are your goals for October?

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