Friday, September 4, 2015

#EverythingAugust Instagram Challenge Recap

So earlier this month I paired up with a great group of bloggers to make an August Instagram challenge, #EverythingAugust. Again, thank you so much to everyone who has joined in to the instagram challenge. The co-hosts and I are so happy about the great response we've received. I absolutely love going through all of your photos each day. So, I have my roundup of my favorite instagram posts throughout the challenge!


Case of the Mondays 


A photo posted by Kati Rose (@katirose13) on


A photo posted by Helen || Hel On Heels (@helenguyyay) on
From Where I Stand

A photo posted by Ashley Chase (@girltalkblog0803) on
Sit Back and Relax

A photo posted by @sherylww on

Somewhere Warm

Wake up and Smell the Roses

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Summer Nights

Before we started the challenge there was about 8 photos tagged with #EverythingAugust. Now there are over 700! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

What were your favorite photos from the past month?

P.S. I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend! I have a wedding, a Modest Mouse concert, and brunch plans. I'll be back on Tuesday instead of my typical Monday post.

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