Friday, November 27, 2015

Subscription Boxes Faves and Fails

Who out there has never tried a subscription box? I'll wait....oh right, pretty much no one. They're so prevalent now. I swear there's always a new one that I hear about each week. I've definitely tried a few of them and there have been some great ones, and some not so good ones.

Here's what I thought of the ones I've tried.


I love Barkbox, it's awesome. I actually don't subscribe to this anymore because I get a lot of my treats from Chewy, but they were a great subscription. I signed up when I first adopted Starla and had no toys or treats for her. They always sent cute, durable toys and healthy snacks for Starla to try. She fell in love with banana chips her first box. You can customize your box based on the size of your dog. The price depends on how many months you sign up for. It's $21/month for six months. 


It's an addiction. I've had three fixes so far and need to go back for another one because I still have $25 in credit. It costs you $20 for a styling fee and then you get sent five pieces of clothing (or 4 pieces and one piece of jewelry). You can keep everything and get a discount, or you can pay per piece. For most of my fixes, I end up keeping about half of the box. They're really good at listening to your concerns about sizing, styles, etc. So just make sure to be very descriptive when you sign up and I'm sure you'll get some good fixes too

Disclaimer: I haven't actually received a popsugar box, but my roommate gets them every month and I live vicariously through her! I love the weird mix of stuff you get in the box. It can go anywhere from books to pillowcases to board games to beauty products. It's $39 a month and you can get $5 off your first (and my first...) box by using code MUSTHAVE5.

Hello Fresh

This one is a bit different because it is all about food! One box gets you three meals for two people each. They send healthy options (including veggie options!) that are easy to prepare. For someone like me who is bad at meal planning and creativity in the kitchen, HelloFresh is a great option. They're also flexible, so if you want to skip a few weeks, you can and pick back up when you're ready. You can also trade out meals in your week if it's something you don't like. It is $69 per week. So you can decide for yourself if it's worth it. I think I'm going to go for two weeks a month and do grocery shopping for the other weeks. 


Julep Maven

In my box I received two nail polishes, a lipstick, and a gloss. The lipstick and gloss are great. The shade works perfectly for my skin and I wear the lipstick almost every day. I love that it has a magnetic container, so when I close the lipstick it magnetically closes. But that's just me being a nerd and liking magnets. The fail part about the box is that Julep focuses on nail polish. They sent me two dark polishes (fine, it's Fall) but when I removed the nail polish it not only stained my nails but my hands too! It took a whole day before my hand wasn't blue any more. If you're curious which one it was, it was the Elise nail polish that stained my hands. I haven't had the courage to try the other one yet.

I tried this a longggggg time ago before I was even into reviewing a lot of products on my blog. They're alright. I wish they switched up some full size products with the samples. Also, I wish that they had included a little make-up bag or fancier packaging. With the small products, the box looks a bit empty and left me feeling a bit disappointed. It's nice that it's pretty cheap, but I would pay an extra $5 for a make-up bag to be included or a full-size lipstick.

Okay I'm being a bit harsh here. I haven't actually received my trendsend box yet, but I ordered it two weeks ago and they haven't send it yet! I searched around on their website for a while before noticing it says it can take up to 14 days to send out, so I just reached out to their customer service department to get an update. That's basically the only downfall of Trendsend so far. At least with Stitchfix you can choose the exact date you want it to arrive and can anticipate it. Especially when you have a deadline to return the clothes!

What other boxes should I try?

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