Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Humpday Confessions | Fried Foods are not Friends

I confess that...

I love trying out new places for dinner, brunch, and happy hours. However it get's expensive?! When can Bitches Who Brunch just hire me already? (cough...) Or can restaurants just pay me to come there and eat? How do I achieve this?

Speaking of new restaurants, I tried out Golden Brown Delicious (GBD) on Connecticut this weekend for brunch and Oz in Clarendon for dinner. I've been to GBD before for happy hour, which is awesome! They have $3 wines and punches until 7 p.m. which is basically the cheapest happy hour I've found around Dupont so far. However, if you want to go to GBD for brunch, prepare yourself for deep fried everything. I thought it was what I wanted that morning but I literally had friend chicken in a maple bacon glazed donut with a pound of french fries. My stomach was so not happy with me after that. 

Golden Brown Delicious Maple Bacon Glazed Donut | Alanna & Co

I knew there was a time change this week but I totally forgot that it meant earlier nights and brighter mornings. I used to walk Starla in the dark, with no one to see my crazy hair, huge coke bottle glasses, and flip flops. Now I actually need to make sure that my hair isn't sticking straight up because people can actually see me in the mornings. Dangit. Also, I used to take most of my blog photos after work with the natural lighting. NOPE. I'm going to have to figure out a lighting situation. How/When do you all take your photos?

I signed up for my first beauty box. I signed up for JulepMaven because I really need to start doing my own manicures and getting more nail polish colors. I didn't realize that they also send you full-size beauty products in your box. I got an amazing lipstick and lip gloss with it too. I love the colors for fall, and they match perfectly. However, their polish is really thick and the brushes are super large. I didn't realize this and globbed it on thick and all over my fingers the first time. I think next time will be better though. 


I don't like the new American Horror Story season :( Maybe I just need to give it some time so I can binge-watch it all in a row like I did with the other seasons, but it's just not grabbing me this time around. 

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