Monday, November 9, 2015

Average Daily Struggles

I started writing this post after reading Nina's amazing post about the only way she can keep blogging. If you haven't seen it yet, read it.

To summarize, she feels that some blogs/posts are inauthentic or recycled from so many other posts. And instead of writing a post of "Why I Won't Read Your Blog," (because how many of those posts have we seen?), she encourages us as bloggers to infuse our personality into our posts and really write quality posts. 

I definitely continue to struggle with this on this blog as I focus on growing my following, keeping my readers (YOU!) interested, and letting my creativity shine through. I've been writing a lot of "how-to" posts or blogging posts, and you guys love them! I'm happy that you do. However, if you searched google on the same tips I provided, you can find that exact information elsewhere. My blog's name is Alanna & Company, which is essential my brand. My brand is me, so I am going to try to infuse a bit more "me" into everything you see here on this little space. Or a lot bit more. 

To branch into a different thought is all about Essena O'Neill and her rant. I'm not going to get into the details of the rant and how we all feel about it. But what I am going to talk about is ME! and not blogosphere/instagram me, the real me!

1. Math

I'm not even talking about my GRE prep math. I'm talking about like tips at restaurants, when you "fall back" an hour for daylights savings time does that mean you gain an hour or lose one, and when my GPS tells me to turn in 400 yards, how far is that really? We gained an hour right? Why is it so dark outside?

2. Fashion in General.
I'm totally not fashionable at all. Luckily, I haven't tried to fake a fashion post on here but believe-you-me I've thought about it! I'm just not stylish. My typical garb is jeans, my really cool walking shoes, and some sort of blouse from Loft that will match anything. Don't even try and think of giving me a pair of colored jeans and asking me to match it with something other than white.

I've come far....but not far enough.

3. Beauty in General.
A little while ago I picked up my friend to go to a birthday brunch. I put on all my expensive ($12 CVS foundation) make-up and think I'm looking pretty fly. As soon as we get in the car, she says "Wait...Hold on," and proceeds to rub my chin. "You haven't blended at all. I can see the difference between your face and neck." Whoops.

4. Tripping
I honestly think it's because of the shoes I purchase. For example, these sandals I purchased are really slippery. Secondly, why did they tile the metro floor? 

I was trying to metro home on a Friday night (and I may have had a drink...or two) and I'm walking in my FLAT sandals and trip over my own feet and totally land face first on the metro tiles. I had a bruise on my chin for a week. 

5. Inappropriate Exclamations
If a raindrop falls on my head thats unexpected I say, "Ow!", or when I tripped up the metro stairs the other day I said, "Whoopsie!", when someone cuts me off driving I say, "Jesus!" (By the way, I'm Jewish if you didn't know.) I can't...I just can't with myself. 

6. Making terrible decisions and making people take pictures of it.

7. Having a terrible sense of smell.
"Mmm I can really smell the rose and earthy tones in this wine." Ummmm...

Or a even better example was when my roommate was making breakfast and I walk downstairs and say, "Something smells good, what's cooking?" and she responds, "I just burnt toast."

Well there you have it. A whole random list of things I struggle with on a daily basis. 

What things do you struggle with?

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