Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekending I

Happy Monday everyone! I am so happy it's finally Spring. We actually had snow on Friday which I was pretty much in denial about but it's warmed up a bit.

Even though it was super windy out we were able to get some good playtime at the dog park. Starla finally picked on someone her own size and she made buddies with a cute bulldog. We made some tasty white chicken chili in the crock pot, which is super easy. Recipe here. I

I'm also starting a new hair experiment. I'm stopping daily hair washing. I'm going to really work on not washing every day and dry shampooing on day two. I started on Friday and so far so good. Check back later this week for my review of the dry shampoos I've tried. 

Saturday, it was my best friend Shelly's birthday. So we went to Ozzie's for brunch. It is a bit over priced with most brunch entrees between $10-19 and mimosas at $7 a pop, but the food was really good! And you get the amazing Ozzie rolls that are coated in cinnamon sugar for brunch. I could almost have just that for an entire brunch. 

We got rid of our small rug underneath our couch earlier this week too and I didn't realize how much Starla liked sleeping on it. I keep catching her on our front door mat. So I laid down a blanket for her and about five minutes later this happened. She loves it.  So this will be our temporary rug for now. 

Sunday we went for an early morning hike right on the Potomac. Unfortunately the water was too high to cross so we just walked & jogged around the park area instead of hiking into D.C. We followed it up with some brunch of our own when I made my famous pancakes and Carlos pitched in with eggs scrambled and bacon. Sometimes I wonder why I ever go out to eat brunch when we make such a good brunch team. 

Last but not least, I went to go see my first opera, La Traviata, with my parents. Sorry no pictures of this one. It was a really beautiful opera and I really enjoyed it. My parents and I were joking that we they were at the bottom part of the age bell curve and I was a complete outlier. The average age of people going was at least 70. It was really adorable though because most people came in big groups or couples. What an adorable outing to go to. Most of the audience also had the opera glasses which totally tickle my fancy. Next time I'll need to get some. 

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

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