Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Putting Yourself Out There

Starting a blog is an interesting journey. Frankly, I started blogging because I had lots downtime and was feeling under-challenged. So I started just as a quick creativity outlet and something to do whenever I had the chance. I never realized that I would enjoy it so much. Something about the design elements, the creativity it takes, and the amazing blogger community that keeps me coming back daily. I'll never know when creativity hits. Seriously, as I writing this, I was mid-laundry folding and I thought it and I literally had to stop and get it off my chest. 

My friend Brittany was in the blog scene and it was her that showed me the ropes and encouraged me to start the blog. It was really weird sharing my blog at first with my family, and then my boyfriend, and then a couple friends. If you're a blogger, you know how it is to try and explain blogging to someone who doesn't understand it. Kind of difficult, right?

Overall my family and friends have been extremely supportive and my boyfriend, even though he doesn't understand blogging no matter how hard he tries, helpfully listens when I try to explain how excited I am about something new that happens. But every time I about my blog IRL it always makes me nervous. "What will they think?" "Will they understand?" "Do they think I'm just narcissistic?" and days like today make me shake my head at myself. Who cares? Overall, I do this because I enjoy this. Even if I had no readers (jk, my mom will always read this) I would still go ahead and post exactly the same content as I post. But I'm really glad that everyone who reads this is enjoying my content as much as I enjoy producing it! 

I launched my facebook fan page last week (#shamlessplug) which is where this all stemmed from. I was really nervous about launching it and sharing it with other friends who don't understand the "blogging world", but overall it's been a really positive reaction. Seriously, what was I expecting? People to comment and say "Screw you, I'm not going to like this page because you're a dweeb,"?

Anyways thank you all for supporting me! I know this isn't a typical "humpday confessions" post but this is my confession for today. Lastly, have you guys seen these commercials? They crack me up every time!

Love you guys! What are you confessing this week?

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