Monday, March 30, 2015

How I'm Trying to Save Money Part II

Alanna & Company: Saving Money Tips and Tricks

Alright so here's my recap of what happened with my spending goals. I decided mid-February that I'll write out some goals for myself to help me save money. 

  1. Only buying Starbucks/Dunkin' Donuts if I have a gift certificate or my company is paying for it. Good but not 100%, there are just those days you really need a latte in your life. But, if anyone is having a Starbucks giveaway any time soon LET ME KNOW!

  2. I will be taking out my credit cards from my wallet after work trips. Hahaha. Nope. So I rethought this, and I get some really good points from my credit cards. I get cash back on my Bank of America credit card for groceries and gas and I get 2x points on dining and entertainment on my Citi credit card. I even had enough points to purchase my entire trip to Nashville through my citi card points system when the flight was going to be a little over $300. So this one is a no-go

  3. I will pack my lunch! Repeat, after me, I will pack my lunch and not go out to eat if I have lunch already. I know I'll cheat, so I've told myself I'll only go out to lunch once a week. So I find myself not going "out" to lunch and walking downstairs to the crappy deli and buying a $6 wrap a lot more. Ugh. Still need to work on this more. 

  4. Stop partying and drinking (& brunching) so goddamn much! I've been good! 

  5. Using See above screenshot! I've been tracking really well! I've been following my budgets and keeping track of all my expenses. 
So I've been decently good. I still have a bit of work to do. I'm really thinking of investing in a DSLR so maybe all my savings can go to that....someday. 

Do you track your expenses and what are your tricks to saving money?

Lastly, I'm hosting the Meet & Greet tomorrow so grab a button below and link up with us on Tuesday. If you don't want to link up, we have an amazing facebook group that promotes our blogs and ALL of our social media accounts. I really like the group (it's not spammy like other facebook blog groups I've been in in the past) and we have a really great group of girls there for you to meet. If you want to join the facebook group just comment or shoot me an email and we'll get you added in ASAP!

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