Friday, March 6, 2015

Stitch Fix Review

As you know, I am no fashion blogger. I can't selfie for the hell of me, I wish I could do an OOTD, and my handy-photographer (my boyfriend) has been conveniently MIA when I needed him! 

Anyways, I'm sure a ton of you have heard of StitchFix and if you haven't I suggest you give it a try. I had heard a lot of mixed reviews on the subscription box. Basically, you fill out this long "Style Profile" of what type of clothes you like, what your sizes are, what you prefer (they can send clothes, accessories, and jewelry.) You have to pay a $20 styling fee and they will send you customized items based on your style profile. In addition to my style profile, I also sent my personal stylist my Pinterest board that you can view here! I sent a little comment to my stylist asking for Spring clothes because I am so over winter and that I wanted Day to Evening clothes. She really delivered!

So here's what I got. The saddest was this perfect mini skirt. It was the most affordable and priced well at $58 and it didn't fit my big ol' butt! I was so sad. It was the one I was most excited about. So if y'all know where I can find something similar, holla at your girl!

Alanna & Company: Stitchfix Review

Next I got this flirty waist-tie Spring Dress. I blanched when I saw the $98 price tag. I never spend that much on one dress. Then I tried it on. It was perfect. Damn you StitchFix. I have to keep this one.

Alanna & Company: Stitchfix Review
Alanna & Company: Stitchfix Review

Next, were this pair of Burgundy skinny jeans with a zip ankle. I have to say, at first, I hated the burgundy. I was angry that they sent me jeans because I already have like 10 pairs of jeans but only black, white, and blue. I tried it on and it surprisingly fit perfectly. I am short at 5'0" and most jeans are extremely long on me. After I wore it around my condo for a bit, I started to really like them. My boyfriend walked in and complimented me on the jeans. So needless to say, these were a keeper too. 

Alanna & Company: Stitchfix Review

Last, but not least are the off-white 3/4 length blouse and polka dot short sleeved blouse. Both are kind of on the bigger side, but I think it's better that way because the off-white blouse is pretty flowy and the polka dot blouse can be a good work blouse, so I wouldn't want that one really tight. 

Alanna & Company: Stitchfix Review

I know the off-white blouse is hard to see, so here's me wearing it at our wine tasting this past weekend. I wore it with the burgundy jeans and nude flats. 

Alanna & Company: Stitchfix Review

My overall opinion on Stitchfix is: Like it. I'm a huge online shopper and I hate going to malls. So this just makes my online shopping a bit easier and also I will have the opportunity to have someone else spice up my wardrobe with new options. I think I'll do it again, however, when I submitted my review I said all of the items were overpriced. I would prefer to spend only about $50 on each item instead of anywhere from $58-98. Good thing I haven't gone shopping for clothes in months.

Two perks to save you money is that if you buy all you get a 25% discount. I luckily got this because I contacted customer support to tell them that the skirt didn't fit and they generously offered to extend me the "buy all" discount anyways. You also can get $25 discount if you refer people, so if you haven't tried StitchFix yet and would like to, please use this link! Last but not least, be aware that you only have three days to try everything on, selfie or OOTD yourself, and then decide. Hence why boyfriend was not available to take better photos of me. I'll make sure on my next Stitch fix that I'll book sometime in his calendar for it. 

Have you tried Stitchfix? What was your overall opinion on it?

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