Wednesday, March 4, 2015

One Hundred Percent Pure

Oh wine. How our relationship has grown. Since my last wine post, I realized, wow a lot of people don't drink reds. So I sent my boyfriend out to get a white for me and he came back with Layer Cake Chardonnay. And boy, did he do good!

As I said in my last wine post, I'm all about wines that are affordable. This wine ran us $14 and tastes amazing. After doing a little bit of research, this is exactly why Layer Cake was born. “My grandfather was not a guy who could afford Hundred Acre,” Jayson Woodbridge, the maker of Layer Cake wines said, “I’m trying to make a wine that sells for $15 and tastes like $50.” 

The wine itself features a smooth citrus flavor, with distinct apple and pear notes and a dry, toasty finish. Also, it is a "virgin" un-oaked wine. I still need to do some research on what the big deal is between oaked and unoaked wine. I paired the wine with some teriyaki Salmon and rice, but I feel like it would go very well with a less overpowering white fish like tilapia, crab cakes, or even a sandwich like a Cuban.

I was disappointed that it was a screw-cap wine, primarily because I'm collecting wine corks for a DIY project. Overall, a very good Chardonnay to try if you fruity whites. 

Have you tried any of the Layer Cake wines? 

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