Friday, June 19, 2015

What Does Your Coffee Say About You?

I would never claim to be a coffee drinker. I actually only started drinking coffee about three/four years ago. I however, am adept at judging people from a distance. And since I've developed a recent obsession with Chai Lattes in the morning, I've had much time to assess the average coffee drinker by what they order.

Alanna & Company | What Does Your Coffee Say About You?

The Latte Drinker

You're a hard-working girl on the go who wants to add a little sweetness to the daily grind. Sometimes you can be indecisive and tend to overextend yourself in an effort to help everyone. Following the crowd comes more easily to you than leading the charge. Your Tory Burch flats and Michael Kors watch go well with your to-go cup. 

The Black Coffee Drinker

You enjoy the simple things in life, and you're definitely not a morning person. Black coffee drinkers tend be wise and keep things real. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you definitely rock the the Resting Bitch Face. You're most often seen in a pair of blue jeans and your favorite button-down. 

The Iced Coffee Drinker

The most laid-back and relaxed of the crowd. You're patient and make friends easily. Not afraid to be a trend-setter, you march to the beat of your own drum. Most likely seen in designer sweats or yoga pants.

The Frappuccino Drinker

You're not technically considered a coffee drinker by most of society. You honestly would prefer an ice cream, but think a Frappuccino is a more socially acceptable alternative at 8:00 a.m. You're most often seen wandering into Starbucks in your college sweaters or sorority tees.

The Espresso or Americano Drinker

You are a go-getter. You have places to be and people to see. You know what needs to be accomplished and will get it done. However, you can come off as rough around the edges and moody. The more extra shots you order, the safer it is to assume that you stayed up working way too late last night (and should not be bothered today). Your favorite accessory is your iPhone with at least three email accounts linked to it. 

Regardless of your drink of choice, and the barista judgment (or mine), coffee is great and meant to be enjoyed. You do you, girlfrand.

How do you take your coffee?

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