Monday, August 10, 2015

Get To Know Starla

I know you all know who Starla is, especially if you follow my Instagram. But, I realized you probably don't know too much about her. She has such a crazy personality, you should get to know her better!

First of all, Starla is a cattle dog mix. I'm not sure what she's mixed with but her personality is 100% cattle dog. She's four years old and  

Starla will eat anything. Except avocados, she doesn't like avocados. 

She's pretty bad at walking nicely on a leash. Which is probably more of my fault for not training her well enough. She's a huge puller.

She is super well adjusted, especially for an older rescue. I rescued her last year when she was three years old and I always count my blessings about her temperament. She loves people, is great with children, likes all dogs but isn't overly excited when she meets other dogs, and doesn't scare easily. She will sleep straight through thunderstorms. 

She's very talkative. She has tons of different noises that all mean something different. However, she can't or won't howl. I always try to get her to howl but she just looks at me like I'm crazy. 

When she wants something, she gives you either a half underbite or a whole underbite based on how strongly she wants it. But regularly she doesn't have the underbite. 

She doesn't know that she can swim. We've plopped her in deep water and she's swam back to me but she won't go swimming on her own accord. We're going to the beach this weekend and I'm taking the life-jacket so we're going to give it a try again!

She doesn't fetch at all. She thinks that tennis balls are just for chewing on.

She's the absolute cutest! What else do you want to know about Starla?

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