Friday, January 8, 2016

Recovering After the Holidays

January is one of my favorite months just as Mondays one of my favorite days (when I remember to set my alarm just like I didn't do this week). It's calm, fresh, and relaxing compared to the past three or four months prior. Often my November through mid-December is hectic and then I spend Christmas through New Years lounging around. By January, I'm ready to start fresh, recover, and get back in gear. Here's how I practice self-care after the holidays are over. 

1. Start a new diet. After all the binge-eating of cookies and over-consumption of alcohol, I try to put a defined limit on myself. Eating more fresh foods (pomegranates are totally in season right now!) and substituting more water instead of champagne is a great way to kick-start a healthy diet for the new year.

2. Get up and move. I know it's easy to want to curl up in a ball and hide under blankets, but the easiest way to warm up is movement! I try to take the stairs at work when I can, and just get up throughout the day and walk around. 

3. Organize. Nothing feels more refreshing than to de-clutter your house/apartment. Now is the time to go through all your packed away seasonal clothes and donate what you haven't worn. 

4. Stretch. I do yoga every Tuesday and that honestly still isn't enough stretching for my body. Feeling more limber, releasing tension, and improving your posture will feel amazing for your body.

5. Take some time to disconnect. Is it just me or do I spend an inane amount of time over the holidays glued to the television. We're always connected to many types of electronics at all times, so take some time to disconnect from tv, phone, etc and entertain yourself with something that's not electronic. I've pledged to read 35 books this year and I'm trying to read every night instead of plugging in and watching the bachelor. Whatever hobby works for your, go for it. 

How to you practice self-care after the holidays? 

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